Order a Side of Fries for Dipping in their Tropical Sauce

Get Better Table Seating at Lunch
In the evenings, you might get stuck inside. go

Where to get some shrimp dishes in Key West
For fresh authentic island fare, it's the restaurant place to go. go

Out for Drinks
For a frozen alcohol cocktail my picks are the eye candy, mango madness, 190 octane, kahlua mudslide, and the Key West rum runner classic. go

Eat and Drink
Find this streetside cocktail bar inside the grand lobby of La Concha hotel, as it is the first thing you see when you walk in. go

Excellent Bar Food
Friday is always a very big crowd. go

Florida Keys All-Natural Ice-Cream
Yes, you can use the locational finder to get you to a local store. go

Finding More Fun in the Florida Keys
It is just this kind of entertainment destination everyone was pushing for, adults and children splashing together next to a tiki bar and restaurant. go

Home of Red Snapper Melt Sandwich
Given the fact that you are surrounded by water in Key West it is no surprise that seafood is the main staple and offered at every restaurant in town. go


Featured Restaurants

Top Rated Sea Voyage Adventure
This is a lot of fun for all of those that like marine life and have done all of the other main reef areas closer to Key West. go

Fans of the Waterfront Viewing
We love the events that are put together by the City of Key West right down here by the waterfront. go

More Flights and Less Driving
Even South Florida residents like to fly to Key West, especially from Fort Lauderdale. go

The Best Key West Dessert Shop
My family members always ask for some to bring back from the trip, birthday or not. go

Could not Love Scooters More
We have learned our lesson and now head straight to the scooter rental shop, just as soon as we check into the hotel. go

Boat Rides out of Key West Port
They also offer daytime reef snorkeling tour, and it is so fun to get wet over the famous Key West Reef. go

Tips on Key West Hotels
This is the Southernmost Best Western Hotel, what a pleasure to stay here. go

Good Meal

Oh Florida Travel Commander, that's a fantastic restaurant For Lunch! I love A good Meal made with care. I made tuna fish so we can have tuna Fish Sandwiches too, just like the healthy food cafe. There something special about the cuisine down here, and most people love it. I love grilled fish with garlic and butter, plus french fries to go with the dipping sauce. When you're eating seafood, make sure you have all the good dipping sauces that are there and available. I love the way they have all the dipping sauces out for you at the burdines bar and Marathon on the waterfront at Boot Key Harbor. More restaurants need to do that, so you don't have to ask for your different, sauces, they are just waiting for you to pick up. Another good thing of noticed that on the food down here is the use of pineapples. Pineapples go really good with anything, and they sell them at Publix for cheap, and they are grown in Homestead Florida, local made and grown!

Otha S.

Eating around the Islands

One thing about these beach vacations, it's always good eating around the islands. Everywhere you go these old cafes have some sort a story about food, people and fun! There is no reason that any breakfast or lunch should be boring. All of these cute places we have, so lucky as everyone. I so much love slow cooked corn beef for sandwiches and for corn beef hash with eggs for breakfast. Everybody has to try some of the Florida Keys grilled potatoes with onions, jalapenos, eggs, bacon, and sausage. You can go wrong with two eggs any style, country home fries and grits, plus a big old biscuit and the lump sausage gravy on top!

Dwayne K.