Orlando has some really nice Hotels loaded with Watersports Activities

Kissimmee Florida Hotel Area
Load up at the local stores like Publix because then you won't have to pay as much for food. go

Get Ready to Pop the Champagne
Being on the Lake Buena Vista side of Orlando is the way to go in this town. go

Four Nights and it was Excellent
For two adults and our two kids. go

Hotel near Seaworld
The miniature golf course was a nice extra and we did that each day. go

Lake Buena Vista Hotels
You can book rooms with golf course views. go

Lake Side Views
If we stay at a Magic Kingdom area hotel, we spend a lot more time in the Magic Kingdom on that particular trip. go

Football Hotel
Food is good at Subway or mahuffers when you head to the coast line. go

Tops on the Hotel List
I say if you can only afford a value resort or off-property resort, this is the one to pick. go


Location Sneak Peaks

Using the Bicycles
We do not like to use the car at all, and keep it lock in the resort parking lot. go

Darth Vader
Follow your Disney dreams at the theme park of movie stars. go

Dino Land Area is so popular for Family Play at Disney
Wow, this one is fast and so fun, but it will not take you upside down. go

Practice your Putting
Some things are better than others, plus the price tag is a factor. go

Florida Beach Vacation to Disney
Great swimming pool and it is heated or cooled all year around. go

Where your kids can even Sweat
Of course, we all carry communication ability with our cell phones, just in case. go

Orlando Wine Restaurant
Come on down, be wined and dined at one of Orlando's finest restaurants. go


Where you Stay

Location Sneak Peaks

You can expect to have the best time ever, when you come to Orlando to get to take advantage of all the roller coaster properties. I really don't think where you stay matters that much, as long as it's clean and has a really nice Swimming Pool. The value resorts to just fine with that, like All-Star Movies resort or the Art of Animation Resort. A lot of people make a big deal of being within Walking Distance of a Theme Park. You will do so much walking inside, I really mind taking the car back home. Everything is really less than ten minutes. I noticed on the website it said Coronado Springs was twenty minutes over to the Magic Kingdom. I'm not sure who's driving that slow, or maybe you missed the turn and did the loop and loop problem we all have encountered over here. If you make one mistake, it means you have to drive around for more mistakes to eventually get back to where you're trying to go. We have fun, is the Best Vacation down in Florida!

Von S.