Orlando has the Best Places to go with your Children

Special Gift
It was also a good time to go to the festival of the arts with a do a lot of other drawing and things right in front of you. go

Fantastic all the Time
They do a good job of the production, just like you might actually see in New Orleans. go

Memory Making
If it's really hot in might want to focus on Orlando's coolest recreational activities. go

Roller Coaster Rides
If this is going to be your first time riding it, and make sure you skip the google videos and the youtube videos. go

Live Events
Tip: do not forget to take the trail through the gorilla and tiger enclosures, it's overlooked but I got some amazing footage from here. go

Sweet parts that are do not miss
Feel like you're part of the Chevrolet design studio, it is another ride to be part of the show. go

Putt-Putt Mini Golf
Come on out and see what you can do with a putter. go

Swimming Pools
It is easy to see why the satisfaction awards go to the really nice hotels that have primetime swimming pools. go


Stuff to do Finder

Skeet Ball
The new amusement center on International Drive turned out to be one of the better things we did during our entire vacation. go

Water Coaster
At Typhoon Lagoon, the day goes so fast and you become a Beachcomber with just one visit. go

Alcohol Cocktails
This is a wonderful place and you can top off your daiquiri drink with any a premium the core to really spice it up. go

Cinderella Courtyard
They try to catch it before it gets to long and are now deploying all sorts of counter measures in real time. go

Special Times for Disney Gift Giving
QUESTION: Are the lines crazy long during the Holiday Celebrations? go

Free Drinks
Make sure you check with the concierge service because they have lots of discount coupons to give you for the various restaurants, bars, and things to do around International Drive. go

Pet Veterinarian
I dd not see any other symptoms such as eye or nasal discharge. go

Exceptional Experience

This year we had a really tough time trying to figure out where we wanted to go on the Florida vacation. You can search in google for: the Best Vacation locations in the state of Florida. The opinions go crazy in every direction. We did pick up on some common themes. It appears the majority of people that actually provide intellectual feedback on Vacation Planning in Florida, votes for either Key West or Orlando. These two locations seem to be the most Family Friendly and offer an exceptional experience that is more Unique and fulfilling. Once we narrowed it down to these two cities, the problems just began because they both are outstanding. Eventually we decided to go to Orlando and a compromise we picked the Old Key West Resort to stay in. What a pleasure was to get a little bit of the Mickey Mouse action, get to ride on Expedition Everest, and stay in an outstanding location. They even have restaurants on the waterfront like Olivia's, so you can get a cocktail and dream about the sunset at Mallory Square!

Arturo M.

Pretty much Amazing

Do not forget about the food when you're at the theme parks because it's pretty much amazing. I am a big fan of all of the ice cream shops, because it's yummy and it's not that expensive to spend two, three or four dollars for something. I was pretty much impressed with everything I had to eat and I like the fresh frozen custard with chewy chunks of real cookie dough. There's something about cookie dough and they make it was something they call concrete mixers. One of the Best Flavors is the caramel cookie dough which is mouthwatering and every day is better when you are not hungry! Over at the Magic Kingdom you can get one of those fantastic colby jack pub burgers and all kinds of different flavors of french fries. I love the nettoscafe.com special food cafes in town that make me smile.

Mariana P.