Orlando is so Fun with many Awesome Attractions to Attend

All Ages Welcome
The layout is nice as the alleys are not side by side down on big wall like old style bowling locations. go

We like the Singing and Dancing Shows
They bring props and can put a coordinated performance that will last for five or ten minutes and then they disappear, just like that. go

Game Day
Seems ridiculous that I care that much about something so silly, huh, just make the right call. go

Good Times Picks
Go any day as this is where you can catch music's biggest acts, cool parades, rides and more. go

Orlando Waterpark Fun
The best thing is the relaxing lazy river with a beer in hand. go

Shopping List
When I go on google and do a search for paper plate holders at Walmart the selection is limited to the bamboo paper plate Holder four piece set by mainstays the company. go

Lakeside Shopping
This italian cafe trattoria al forno they have here on the Boardwalk it is really good and it's casual dining, you can come in your short pants! go

So Unique
A good thing to do would be to bring a waterproof camera and try to take a few photos when you're going down Summit Plummet! go


Visitor Planning

Handling Stray Cats
I had a rough time with peekaboo, as she did not want to get spayed. go

Hat Buying
We love the disney wine event. go

Island Style Dining
They do things a little bit more stylish and interesting and I love the yucca fries, which are outstanding and so original. go

Mini Golf
It's a winding maze as you make your way through the enchanting game of putt golf. go

Cast of Disney Movie Greats
Follow your Disney dreams at the theme park of movie stars. go

Best Orlando Cuban Sandwich
They make all the fancy tropical drinks and is as good as any Orlando live music bars such as the haven rocks dance floor. go

Little Italy Wine Bar
One of the better wine bars and food stops in Orlando, and it is so family friendly too. go

Keeping up with Things to Do

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Heidi J.

Lots of Surprises

The Espn Restaurant in Orlando is so cool. We saw nishikori beat number three and five in the us open tennis! He trained in Bradenton and lives there now. From Japan in the semi-finals and what good entertainment while eating the super chicken wings. Nice job nishikori. He plays the winner of djokovic - andy murray later tonight. I love the best ever Disney Sports Bar.

Ty R.

Local Ideas

You don't have to worry about that since the bowling alley will be closed for Christmas! Where is the best Orlando bowling alley? It is the amf.com place down the street. Get the high score!

Brandy Y.