What to bring to the Beach in Florida?

Bike Riding
You can stop at some of the restaurants and explore to determine where you want to eat your dinner. go

Fishing in the Ocean
The tall Fishing poles are just part of the deal and you need a giant weight at the end of it so you can cast that sucker one hundred yards out! go

A Great Escape
The most important thing to know about Cocoa Beach is to take advantage of the two wheeled transportation! go

View of Space without the long Flight
Maybe closer for most people is the cruise port beach which is really neat and has a lot of eye candy along the waterfront. go

City Center Beach Pier Park
Getting ideas for fun is pretty easy, just pay attention to what everybody else is doing and pick out your favorite event. go

Family Parks
You can eat at a bunch a cute little restaurants like http://islandsfishgrill.com/ which all have that hometown flavor. go

Always check the Wave Height Forecast
We feel it every-time we hit the water and begin to work with it and fight the water pressure too. go

Shoreline Fitness
For all the people that like to go sightseeing on bicycles, walking doing shoreline fitness or Jogging around, this is one great beach town. go


Have Fun

Melbourne Market
It's really hard these days to get things like Brevard County black-eyed peas that are still in the pod fresh. go

Indialantic Beach Park
There's lots to see in the area so make sure you bring your beach bicycles on vacation to Florida no matter where you are booking! go

Candy Shop
One good thing I like about vacations is you're walking around burning calories all day so you can taste something sweet! go

Art Shops
One thing I noticed about some of the different antique shops is the smell when you go inside. go

Watch the cruise ships go by from the restaurant
There is no shortage of great music between the Port and Cocoa Beach. go

Cheap Local Restaurant
I wanted to start and create a list of the cheap restaurants in the area to help all of us out. go

Old Melbourne House
Once we got here it was pretty apparent how old and well-kept the historic area has been preserved. go

A few of my Top Picks

Thanks a lot for that information on the happy hours. Every beach town we ever go to it's all about finding the best happy hour specials. It seems like everybody wants to have it at the same time every day four pm to seven pm. It would seem like to me asked a bar would really stick out if they were six pm to ten pm, and they would probably be packed every night which is what they want. By having the happy hours at the same time as everybody else you don't stick out. Somebody should have a happy hour until ten pm or later. There are plenty a good places to eat and I will highlight a few of my top picks. Quick and easy for take out is yen chinese restaurant - chinese - two north atlantic avenue - 321-783-9512. Got to luve the cuban sandwiches and coffee at roberto's little Havana - cuban - twenty six north Orlando avenue - 321-784-1868. Super cheap for take out is the mcdonald restaurant - sandwiches, burgers, salads - 3920 north atlantic avenue - 321-783-3450. You do not want to miss discovery Beach Cafe - american - three hundred barlow avenue - 321-783-1766.

Leanne B.

East Coast

Good morning to the Cocoa Beach condo staff, as I already mailed a check from our nc office Saturday for the final bill. I'm up here for a couple weeks, and took a guess at two hundred dollars for utilities. That's going to short by $60. I can mail you a second check tomorrow for the balance.

Much looking forward to our group meeting at megomalleys.com Beer Bar. Thanks, and happy new year to the soup bar thesoupshop.net and to all.

Chong J.

Happy with our Picks

Sebastian Inlet is awesome, but you have to work with the weather and the surf waves. There is no need to come up today, as the weather is just not good. It is too rainy, it has only two foot waves, I am going to work on the computer today.

That's great Florida Travel Commander, except for one thing about Sebastian Inlet in December. There is no one in the water in any of the pictures because the water is too cold! I will bring my bathing suit, but I don't know about bringing the Boogie Board. Only the hard core surfers hit the waves from December to March in Florida.

German C.