Out here the stores are no more, just the big ocean and lots of islands

Fabulous Big Pine Key Park
Yes, snorkel right off the beach or take a snorkel boat cruise to the big reefs! go

This is the Island's Central Avenue
I tell everybody to bring bicycles if they can but of course a lot of people fly into the airport, but renting a bike is easy for exploring. go

Just off the Cruise Ship Docks is Old Town
It is all maintained and kept so perfect by the Key West Art and Historical Society. go

Places to visit today in Key West
The characters are just so outrageous and really fun to see on the self-paced walking tour. go

Proven Winners for Sightseeing Pleasures
You need a good two weeks to really check out all of the neat things in the area. go

Excellence in Tourist Development
This is an excellent exhibit and it is the real deal built so long ago. go

Feeding the Tarpon and Sharks
We love the places where everyone is big smiles! go

Do Not Miss the Custom House
We love to attend all of the famous attractions, with the free daily sunset celebrations topping it all off! go


Family Fun Winners

Best Kmart in Florida
They even stock boat ladders, which we needed for tomorrow's scuba diving trip. go

Key Largo Island Shopping Mart
You can pretty much guarantee that a need will arise to hit the Kmart a few times during your vacation stay. go

What to see when you arrive to Mile Marker Zero
One could guess it, but it was fire and hurricane. go

Impressive are the Food Choices
Yummy is the broccolini and shrimp. go

The Tasty Dishes will make you Smile
The food has the true flare, as the owners moved down from Montreal and serves up only the most authentically prepared recipes. go

Southern Hospitality for the RV Camper
Or next weekend, just let me know. go

Always fun are the Key West Trips
There are so many things to do in Key West. go


Parade Route Rules and Regulations

Family Fun Winners

When traversing the Duval Street Parade route before and after the Parade, please keep to one side of the street. Duval Street Parade staff, pedestrians, police, and walking units have the right of way at all times. You should initially consult with one of these staff members on any questions. Limit your speed to five mph when on the Duval Street Parade route unless told otherwise by a Duval Street Parade official. All Duval Street Parade golf carts are equipped with hand held radios to contact any member of the Duval Street Parade staff. First and foremost, do not interfere with the movement of floats or other entries such as cars, swamp buggies, etc. All Duval Street Parade staff will have an approved copy of the Parade line-up and Parade rules. The center is reserved for floats and Parade staff only. Please remember that the Parade staff is there for you and the public's safety and to ensure the Parade runs as smoothly as possible. If for some reason you are in need of police, fire, or ems personnel, members of the Street Parade staff are equipped with cellular phones and radios. Do not travel in the center of the street unless you are authorized.

Bernadette S.