List of Pinellas County Parks near the Shoreline

Dog Park
Bring your dog to the best dog park of all of St pete beach! go

Relaxing on the Beach
The area is lovely for staying overnight and accommodations offer many options, from the Holiday Inn chains to world class Hilton resort. go

Our local island park on Treasure Island
This is where most of the locals go to walk their dogs. go

North Island Community Park
We are so blessed to have many community parks to enjoy. go

Bicycle Riding Stops on Treasure Island
Tucked away just a few blocks from the beaches is the lovely Community Park. go

Four Island County Park
The park offers a food and drink concession stand, but it is easier to pack your own stuff since everything is so spread out. go

Park by the Water
A really good place to tie up the boat for the restrooms or to picnic is right on the intercoastal waterway. go

Beach Community Activity Center
The location on the waterfront is just outstanding. go


Park Rangers

Super Pleasures of Madeira Beach
It can get busy, so go a bit off peak time to get the better table locations. go

Mini Golf at Clearwater Beach
This is going to be fun, and it's very good after your happy hour drinks! go

Happy Hours
Special is the best way to describe a bar that really knows how to have fun. go

Breakfast in St Pete Beach
Breakfast is the king, and we have tried the pancakes, eggs, and waffles, Yummy! go

Secret Hotels at the Beach
Was it nice being able to bike ride to the beach bars and leave the car at the hotel parking lot. go

Paddling around the area on a Kayak
We tend to pick the best weather days for boating and do all the other touring on bicycles. go

Island Center Beach Condo
Keeping upbeat in this beachtown is easy to do. go

Local Parks

The Clearwater Beach bike ride idea sounds like a good one. We should go to the original Maggie Mae's, by Sand Key Beach Park. If we can't go on the boat ride next weekend, that's ok. We will still be able to do it soon. September is still warm for swimming season. I worked in the yard a lot today. It was ok during the morning and evening, but it was hot in the middle of the day. It is still very humid out. Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico is so fun to do. It's always much cooler right along the Shoreline. I'm always amazed when you walk from the shoreline and head up to the parking lot. It always seems like it changes about ten or fifteen degrees, nearly immediately. About fifty yards up the beach the sand is just radiating heat in the summer, and the goal is to get your car and get the air conditioner cranked up superhigh before you break into a monster sweat! It's all part of the beach stay, and make sure you try to leave a couple cracks in your automobile rear window so it doesn't get nearly as hot inside when you're in the parking lot. I'm afraid the Clearwater Beach Parking lot does not have any trees to park underneath.

Trey B.

Good for the Kayak

Oh great for sure is the kayak area over here in Pinellas County. You want to kayak via, I am in! Get a cat carrying model please. No need to buy anytime soon, as we can use mine. Let's go on trips from my back yard! Lets start with that! I could bring the double kayak, and we could launch in at the little park across from the McDonalds restaurant, just before the Madeira Beach bridge. The park on the other side of the street. Indian Rocks Beach has a nice spot as well. Get back to kitty chase!

Leila B.