Watersports Ideas at Pinellas County Beaches

Great ride and nice for Children
Entering the boat off the dock is a lot easier that the boats which load off the shore in three feet of water. go

Very productive fishing out in the Gulf
If you go about five miles out, the fishing gets a lot better. go

Get the sound right for a winning video
It's a sensational ride and one you won't forget. go

Pick a Sunny Day for the Best Views
We come to the area for the beach nightlife. go

Two Person Kayak
A two person kayak is so fun to share the experience with. go

Sailboat Lessons
There are a few core basic principles that you have to understand about wind direction and making the boat work well when there is a lot of wind or if there's not much wind at all. go

Indian Shores Kayak Rentals
The more fitness types will really enjoy the kayaks, which are big and do not flip over. go

Be-careful when you Anchor off Clearwater Beach
One thing about boating, the more boater friendly the bars-restaurants, then the better the area! go


Water Navigator

Beach Vacation Trip
Lots of folks in Florida like to have cocktails and celebrate beach life, which is good to me! go

Vacation Winners in Florida
What a place and none are more famous in florida as Clearwater Beach. go

Have fun selecting your top Flavor
The hardest part here is picking out just one flavor! go

Featured Destination
Come here to relax and enjoy a fine vacation opportunity with the sunset party every day just down the street. go

Chicken Wing Cafe Winner
A classic beach vacation means you have to eat at the local food-bar pubs. go

Stuffed Shrimp Recipe on the Menu
We picked the location here because of the cheap price. go

Sightseeing from the Bayside Intercoastal
Plan on doing the buddy system, as there is usually no parking available at the peek good boating weather days. go


All around the Waterfront

Water Navigator

Oh so pump them I for the Clearwater Beach activities for the weekend. Thank goodness I keep all of the brochures that we get when were cruise around the area on our bicycle rides. There was a certain daily boat ride that was better than all the rest and I am going to try to figure that out because that's the one we want to do. We definitely have to go to frenchy's restaurant. I was very impressed by the frenchy's oasis hotel. It's a cute little place not too far from the beach and you don't have to pay the oceanfront view prices. Shepherds is on the money, and we will definitely go there so we can take advantage of the salt tequila bar. Next year we might upgrade and go to the Wyndham garden Clearwater Beach, that's a sweet looking hotel.

Jere P.