Really good things happen to surprise Theme Park Guests

Disney Day
Dreams Come True for children in this enchanting Disney sanctuary, a picture-book town filled with colorful architecture and rides. go

Zero Entry Swimming Pool
The African Stew is very tasty and the Flatbread Pizza is always a winner. go

Plenty of Excitement
What could be better than Orlando vacations with Mickey Mouse to keep things spicy. go

Fire Dragon
The Art on display around the park is amazing, and the Fire Dragon has to be the coolest. go

Christmas Day Parade
Celebrate the Holiday seasons with live music and dancing! go

Get a Seat up Front
It is great to browse all the different worlds, the China area is excellent. go

Recipe Winner
I really enjoy eating the New York strip beef choice cut, with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh steamed broccoli. go

Photo Opportunity with Disney Bears
Special is the land of Canada where the cold beer by the pint is outstanding at the bar. go


Kid Picks

Hotels near the Theme Parks
The rooms are decent size and the theming is very good. go

Party by the pool at the Tiki Bar
Great swimming pool and it is heated or cooled all year around. go

Getting to Epcot is a Breeze
With great dining and bars, try the 15th floor grill with its sweeping views. go

Swimming Pool Games
It is fun to splash into and they have swimming pool games. go

Swan Resort Restaurant
This is one of my favorite places to eat in the Epcot resort area. go

Prime Disney Property Resort
All-Star Sports Resort has a really cool sports theme and basic amenities for families on the go. go

Very Happy with the Water Taxi Hotel
This is one impressive area and it is one of the resorts where bicycles are great to have and the bonus water taxis. go


Very Impressed with Entertainment

Kid Picks

We came away very impressed with all of the good dining options that you get around the Magic Kingdom. We tried sampling a few different places and the best probably was the diamond horseshoe, which is decorated magnificently. I love the authentic Stage inside and the paintings on the walls are really neat to see. I like the way they have a new emphasis on the Quick Service foods. You go up and place your order first and in no time at all they will call you to pick it up. The whole place has been designed to look like a saloon. You need to take a good look at each of the restaurants instead of just walking past them. I think everything has been designed perfectly and that is part of what makes it neat to go here.

Wilmer L.