Restaurants along the Beaches of Pinellas County

Feast your Heart Out
Impressive in every way, this beachside restaurant is beloved by locals and tourists alike. go

Chicken Wings Are Fantastic
Wings, views, beer, and sports! go

Pj's Burger Bar
Whatever your dining experience, and do indulge your sweet tooth. go

Eating with a View
Try the volcano gator bites with inferno sauce made with the worlds hottest peppers. go

Yummy is Jake's Cantina
That is all we need on vacation in Indian Rocks Beach, the beer store and the super good stuffed jalapenos. go

Home of the Blue Crab Cobb Salad
Fresh gulf caught seafood is the big winner at the Middle Grounds Grill. go

Burger and Fries
Finally, a boater friendly hamburger cafe for us here in Madeira Beach! go

Aqua Prime Beach Cafe
Just as delicious is the pan seared Hogfish served with a crispy potato cake and sauteed spinach. go


We are Hungry

Overnight in Clearwater Beach
Staying overnight in Clearwater Beach is even better with the competition forcing lower prices right now. go

Good prices bring visitors to Pinellas County
We tend to pick the best weather days for boating and do all the other touring on bicycles. go

Condo units worth the price for vacations
Special times on vacation where so easy to find, as each day there are more places to explore along the beachfront. go

One fine weeks at the Sea Ram Condominium
One never needs to go more than a couple of miles up or down the beach. go

You may want to take a look at the aerial photo of Clearwater Beach to realize what a great sidewalk system they have put in along the main entertainment area. go

Indian Shores Kayak Rentals
Let the children paddle like crazy, so they crash early will you have still calorie burning earned your margaritas! go

Impressive was our Hotel Week
We do plenty of walking and use the beach cruisers to hit the local bars. go

Veggie Market near the Beaches

Hey from Florida Travel Commander! I was thinking it is better to have more timely buying for things that are perishable. What that means is not too much is frozen. If a person is freezing it, that means perishable. I mean less bottled sauce that has a five year shelf life. With the wonderful Wagon Wheel Flea Market cans of vegetables goes away, no more campbell's soup, as fresh making is the way to go! By the way, it is up to 15,800 views: It really captures it, with the blind singing cowboy and all. I get the hat sales place and the beer dancing!

Francesco Z.

Taco Bar at the Beach

Take one minute to scroll down the pictures of Jake's Cantina. We missed it and will be back to eat there. It is a place to try fresh made to order in front of you Mexican.

Leonel D.