Save room for the tasty freshly prepared desserts

Bayside Grille Menu has Shrimp Quesadilla
This is a restaurant that was next to our hotel, so we walked to it. go

Jumbo Lump Blue Crab Cakes
If I could take the menu from one restaurant and just eat from it forever, this is it. go

Rum Runner Cocktail Winner
It is fun out on the deck and great for the sunsets. go

Home of Red Snapper Melt Sandwich
Given the fact that you are surrounded by water in Key West it is no surprise that seafood is the main staple and offered at every restaurant in town. go

Restaurant at Mile Marker 80
The Oltremare Ristorante took over from the outback and is better than ever. go

This is where the Locals go to Drink
It is excellent and is off the main road, so mostly only known by locals or people on their second vacation to the area. go

Sandwiches to go Cafe
What a restaurant that is so unique and a true charmer! go

Boater Friendly Restaurant
I noticed they had wines from Argentina, California, New Zealand and Italy to name a few. go


Superb Kitchens

Art with Customizable Images
These are the best thing going for home decor and vacation beach homes. go

Local Shopping
This store is for the hip and cool types that enjoy fun wearables, plus they have lots of gift items too. go

Better Vacation Play Requires a Bike
Having learned from our errors in the past, a rental vehicle is a mandatory travel technique for the island of Key West. go

Mimosa Morning Sail
These trips are very entertaining and that is the way it was done so many decades ago, when that is how it was. go

Live Shrimp for Sale
Forever it has been the place to go for anything you need for a day of snorkel or fish play on the water. go

All around the island is Historical Sightseeing
These homes were the first of their kind on the island, with poured concrete and steel for hurricane proof fortification. go

Book us a Room for Five Nights
We just eat this kind of nature right up. go


Best Gourmet Burgers

Superb Kitchens

QUESTION: Where is a really good place to get some classic hamburgers. We are going to save the seafood for dinner when we spend more time. For Lunch a big hamburger with fries would be great. ANSWER: The spot for you is in Islamorada where hamburger lovers flock to Shula Burger. You pick from a bunch of the best hamburger recipes or you can create your own. So good with the Sea Salt Fries.

Kenton L.