Shopping is a lot more fun in flip flops

Fresh Fish Eatery in Old Town
Lobster Rolls are very good and we like the non-frozen version available when lobster season is open for the fresh catch. go

Which Are the Top Island Shops
Summer time swimwear is really good to get down in the Florida Keys. go

Shorts, Tops, and Sundresses
Girls just look so cute in a floral skirt or capris. go

Beach Ready Wet Wearable Sandals
Only for dinner do you need to wear something more formal and stylish. go

Where to Shop
We use the extra large size to take to the beach to lay on. go

Relax with a Book
Anyone heading down for a week in the Keys needs to download a good book to get in the mode. go

Fashion has a Spot for the Ladies to Go
Nearly all of the retail shopping is in boutique-size retail shops, no mega malls. go

Upper Keys Farmers Market
We also use frozen shrimp when fishing at night from the hotel dock. go


Open Shops

Bus Transportation Connections
It is a great idea for any folks that make the trip into town via plane, boat, or friend to get around without dealing with the car. go

Lounging at the Pool Bar
Having a giant size pool is fantastic. go

Southernmost Liquor Store
It's extremely cute and the people that work here are fantastic. go

Nice Boating Dock-age Restaurant
The staff is nice and watch the fish jump while you eat. go

Marathon Florida Bakery Cafe
Our pick for breakfast and they only have yummy! go

Our pick for Waterfront Music Bars
We stayed here for four nights and were so impressed. go

Vacations near Fort Taylor Beach Park
Our two bedroom and one bath unit was on the bottom floor, that is the condo unit right here. go

Florida Keys Wells Fargo Bank Accounts

This is for those florida keys residents that bank with wells fargo. They are connected to many of the Retailers in the florida keys because of credit card business backing. The bank has reward offers subject to change, so read the fine print. Rewards currency is earned on net purchases, purchases minus returns or credits only. An in-store purchase is qualified to earn bonus rewards currency if you use your wells fargo rewards card. Retailer offers may be offered on a limited-time, promotional basis and are subject to change without notice. Participating retailers of the earn more mall site control the variability of the offers shown. See the wells fargo rewards program terms and conditions and addendum to the wells fargo rewards program terms and conditions for the appropriate wells fargo credit card. Certain purchases or transactions do not earn rewards currency. Please allow up to thirty days for bonus rewards currency to post to your rewards account or thirty days after your travel plans have been completed. An online purchase is qualified to earn bonus rewards currency when you access the retailer site through the earn more mall site. Rebates earned and redeemed will appear as cash rewards. This is a wells fargo rewards program update and contains transaction activity associated with your rewards account. To see the terms and conditions, visit the earn more mall site at

Debora S.

Shopping for the Deals

Count me in for the Bealls bucks, I got a great shirt for cheap! I think I've had the Bealls bucks a few times before and didn't realize what it was. Of course, I came out of there with more coupons, there was a twenty percent off valid for the next five days or so, plus that teaser coupon that you got. I guess everybody gets the teaser coupons. They have a good concept going, and the deals are decent for sure sometimes outstanding.

John K.