Shrimp and light beer is healthy intoxication

Subs on North Roosevelt Blvd or Southard Street
What a special place to pick up a hot sandwich to go. go

Cocktails at 430 Duval
Find this streetside cocktail bar inside the grand lobby of La Concha hotel, as it is the first thing you see when you walk in. go

Tropical Drinks on the Menu
We love this bar for the people to meet, drinks, and music. go

Enjoy all Things Ice Cream
Kids love a unique experience that makes you smile. go

Downtown Seaport Seafood Restaurant
Every time we visited this restaurant it's been fantastic. go

Dockside Dinner with Wine
The menu is done by professionals, and they take big pride in the food. go

Finest Food Views on the Island
The pulled pork bbq sandwich is excellent too. go

Girls go Topless
What great memories we had here at Dante's, as this place is pretty tough to beat. go


Very Good Recipe Makers

Colorful Island Style Home Goods
Picking up a artistic item will make somebody very happy at home. go

Duval Street Ice Cream Cafe
Plan on a couple of strategically timed cool off pit stops at one of the local dessert restaurants. go

Right Here at the Bottom of Florida
If you catch a big one, contact the international game fishing association. go

Midpriced Hotels
Sounds like what the royals do in london and the rooms are so nice. go

Overnight Ideas
It sits kind of tucked away near the Southernmost Point. go

Overseas Highway Kayak Rental Shop
They offer a waterfront restaurant, dockside bar, and plenty of visitor friendly hospitality. go

Thanks for the Travel Help
Put our votes, as we are recommending the Green Parrot Bar for Live Music. go

Florida Keys Weight Loss Diet

I am restricted from any Key West Restaurant dining for one whole day by my doctor. Tomorrow is a diet day for sure. My diet for the day is limited because of the next day doctor treatment. For breakfast before 10am, three eggs only. I am not allowed to make it fancy with onions, cheese, or anything like Sarabeth's breakfast cafe. No three Juice oj, no pulp, no fibers. Three eggs, plus I have two wonderful cans of chicken broth and two super tasty cans of beef broth! That is it eggs, then broth! I got four cans, but two will likely do fine. No beer, shrimps, or crab cakes allowed. I have to set my alarm at 5am to take a dose of medicine in the morning. It becomes one super great dieting day. Do this three days a week, and anyone would lose weight fast.

Andrew P.

Good Food is Fun

Oh I love my crockpot for seafood gumbo. I tend to make up recipes and they are usually pretty good. Easy to put on before I leave in the morning. I have one of the fancy cockpits with a timer on my Christmas birthday list. I am so happy to recommend the windley harbor Islamorada patio Bar on the Ocean. Good Food is fun and we like that.

Nancy Z.