Sipping drinks poolside is my kind of relaxation

Good places for a Weekend
Get crazy and get wet, this city has more splashable playgrounds and snorkel parks, which make vacations just so much fun. go

Boater Friendly Hotel
Oh my goodness is this in a nice area. go

We Picked a Winner for a Waterfront Hotel
Right in the backside of the hotel property is a huge swimming pool, beach area, and all the watersports. go

Hotel with a View
It was a sweet treat, we loved enjoying a lazy afternoon out by the water at Casa Marina Resort. go

Scuba Diver Hotel
Things are a lot better out on the water when you have very nice visibility down below weather your fishing or in the water itself. go

Hotels to keep the Smiles on Wide
QUESTION: Can you give us a pick for a fun hotel in Key West? go

Everything is really Clean
When you have a little down time, it is really nice having a condo style home to relaxing in. go

One of the Best Weeks of our lives
The city has a lot to offer and is the coolest vacation spot in all of the State of Florida. go


Nicely Put

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
Having the tiki bar here after the boating is nice. go

Island Stop for Blingy Flip Flops
Guys can dress so tropical and handsome in the Tommy Bahama Island Wear. go

Historic City Center Locations
Do a little travel homework before your getaway, to maximize your fun. go

Yummy Start to Your Morning
They have good potato salad but the coleslaw is what you need for inside the sandwich, or get both. go

Just outstanding is the French Style Cafe at mile marker 82.2, where guests rave over the coffee, crepes, pastries and more. go

Get a free drink at each Bar Stop
Your tour guide will show you the ropes, explain lots of locals only knowledge, get the skinny on famous places and it is all done with a smile. go

35th Street Fish Market
My pick is the lobster roll, french fries, and iced tea! go


For our Hotel Reservation

Nicely Put

We decided to pick Islamorada for our hotel reservation because of all the water sports. There is a good operation here that is named Key Dives, with two trips daily. There is much to do Underwater down here on the islands. We went out on three trips and each was just fantastic. If you don't want to go underwater how about floating on top on a kayak. There is special is the Kayak to Indian Key rental shop. There are a number of places to park your car along the Overseas Highway next to indian key. It only takes ten minutes or so to paddle out to the island. There is a good place to rent Kayaks and other things at Sea Monkey Watersports, which is hiding behind the Hampton Inn. Every reef trip is a different adventure, as you will see different species of marine life on each dive. Some of the coolest things to see are the big sea turtles, spotted ell, and the large leopard rays. If you're staying at the chica lodge you've got the Bay and Reef option right there for you. One of the coolest things going on from the Cheeca Lodge are the watersports, fishing, and reef trips.

Toby V.