So nice is lunch on a big shady patio

Pick out a Flavor
It is nice for the great tasting, quality frozen yogurt and an expansive self-serve toppings bar. go

Very nicely placed is the Bistro 245 Cafe
It is tropical cuisine and you sit right on Key West's scenic harbor front. go

Homemade Lasagna
Get all the chef cooked goodies that makes for a super evening out meal. go

Our Picks for Key West's Best Bars
Close to the Schooner Bar, and they really do a good job by starting the music off early (noon), a nice time at Schooner Wharf Key West Florida! go

Yummy places you might miss in Key West
Best Little Cafe in Old Town for sure. go

Local Restaurant Picks
One can never go wrong with the whiskey soaked Bread Pudding, so save room for that. go

Impressive are the Food Choices
Yummy is the broccolini and shrimp. go

Cheeseburger Beach Cafe
It is just too good. go


Take Out Food

Contact Information for Fishing Trips
This sets your expectations up accurately, with no hype. go

Memories to Last Us Forever
I feel like royalty being able to get a room for a week right on the primary sunset area of Key West. go

Fantastic Seaport Pies and Candy Shop
Making two day trips down to Key West during our week. go

Alcohol is the way to Island Sightseeing
One of the most entertaining things you can do during your vacation here in Key West is the famous Duval Crawl. go

Florida Keys Bar Scene
There is something magical about this place, as being so unique and cute always brings out the best in visitors. go

Downtown Art Center
That is great! go

What is the most relaxing beach in Key West
I would think everybody would want to come here at least once during your trip. go

Eating in Key West

Documenting your southernmost dining vacation is a big deal. I just got the new voice to text software to use on the Key West trip. Oh my goodness is it really accurate. I can do all kinds of yakking in my emails about the Key West restaurants and bars. I will be glad to give you more details about my day, like waking time, the first time to swim at Smathers Beach, and how my Cuban Coffee Queen tastes! The ability to just talk and let the computer type the words it's Just the Best thing ever. No longer is somebody having one hundred words a minute type writing skill an advantage or something worth hiring for. Stuart can yak at five hundred words a minute about the Key West things to do! I am at the Sports Bar watching gael monfils at the us open now and roger federer. Look for status email updates every fifteen minutes or half hour of the tennis progress!

Angie V.

Recipe Making

Following that Mr Z's philly cheesesteak recipe I sent to the other day, I made All the Ingredients. I took the meat and let it cool down and then I sliced it into smaller portions and then put it in freezer bags. They have been frozen for three days directly after cooking in the slow cooker for ten hours. I can bring these philly steak ready pouches, if you want me to? I could get cuban bread, and then we need onions, green pepper slices, cheese, and whatever else goes on top. It's up to you, but the meat is prepared and ready! Trust me it's better than the super thinly sliced stuff that you bought.

Dennis A.