So pretty are the multi strand necklaces, with matching bracelets and earrings available

Beachwear is All About the Colors
This is the place to be casual and you will need some good shoes that you can get them wet. go

Zebco Saltwater Combo Reel
All perform well and have a nice price-value range that fits with beginners that might only fish a handful of times a year. go

All about Adding Style
My other top pick for a Florida Keys Gift are the Coral necklaces handcrafted from glass beads. go

For All Things Tiki Decor
Take advantage of the largest selection of wooden tiki products for your home decor. go

Using your Visa
Our retail buying goals are to find something valuable, a Florida Keys keep sake, for a discount price. go

Beach Ready Wet Wearable Sandals
Only for dinner do you need to wear something more formal and stylish. go

Fantastic Seaport Pies and Candy Shop
Yes, this shop is great and I got my lime juice here. go

Island Meat and Vegetable Market
Stop at the Trading Post after you check-in. go


Shopping Tips

Daily Happy Hours in the Afternoon
The food is nice, indoor or patio style. go

Key Largo has the Hotel Bargains
After many trips to Marathon and Key West, we equally love the experience here. go

Good Things for All Ages to Do
The best time to see Pigeon Key is when there is an event on the island, with bands and the vibe. go

Boater Friendly Marathon Scuba Dive Hotel
QUESTION: Do we need to buy some scuba gear before coming down to the Florida Keys? go

Great times at the Pool and Fishing Docks
Breezes Pier Bar is next door, which is always a good choice too. go

Yummy Start to Your Morning
We have been living on the island and eating here for many years. go

Street Fair Party on Duval
Tickets are cheaper, and so will be your hotel room. go


Tropical Goodies for my Backyard

Shopping Tips

I am so happy with my new Key West hammock chair, bought online. It is shipping. I got my confirmation! This confirmation only indicates that your transaction has been processed successfully. It does not indicate that your order has been accepted. It is the responsibility of you to confirm that your order has been accepted, and to deliver any goods or services you have ordered. So happy buying a cool hammock chair.

Galen I.