Shopping spots in in Cocoa Beach for short pants and your bikini bathing suit!

Surf Board Store
Is pretty neat to take surfboard lessons because it only takes about an hour or you can do the to our class. go

Art District
You don't get to see stuff like this every day. go

Art Shops
The Eau Gallie art district of Melbourne Florida is a famous area. go

Publix Cocoa Beach
This is the middle of everything, which is the island center. go

Gift Shop
Go to Rain Tree Gifts if you need a special gift or are looking to spice up your home. go

Beach Fishing
If you have no spike on the end, then it's very difficult to pound it into the sand and you will definitely need to bring a hammer. go

Shopping Center
When you get hungry you will have no problem finding a good place to grab a bite to eat. go

Candy Store
That white chocolate banana bark is one-of-a-kind and seems to me would be a perfect gift to bring back to somebody at home or for late-night snacks back in the Hilton Oceanfront. go


Searching for Souvenirs

The Hoagies
That's a great mix to go on a tuna sandwich or chicken salad sandwich. go

Irish Restaurant
The vibe is really good inside and I think most people like this bar a lot. go

Cocoa Beach Vacations
Try the Sandbar Sports Grill, a really good spot. go

Everybody needs to learn how to surf at Cocoa Beach
As soon as your child is comfortable in the water and can handle the board, it is time to teach them how to go surfing! go

Our Famous Oceanfront Beachtown
Be sure to go for a bike ride and enjoy the area. go

Beach Vacation with all the Fun
This trip to me, was better than the last time! go

Melbourne Hotels
In a condominium unit I would expect to have a full oven. go

Cooler Stops in Town

Everybody in our family loved spending time around the Cocoa Beach Pier. There is no doubt that's the centerpiece of this entire area and is such an icon. This town is so lucky to have something like this where you can actually go out and have some chicken wings and cold Beer while you're over the ocean. It's extremely rare in general maybe there are twenty places total in all of Florida that have something like this. I know the Daytona Beach Pier is the best of all and the one that every city should model. It is the perfect Fishing Pier that has everything for upscale dining or casual happy hour type food and drinks, and flip-flops. Everything is clean and modern and you don't see pipes underneath it as you walk below. Cocoa Beach is my place to eat. I will vote for some of the cooler stops in town. The footlongs are so good and you pick the ingredients at Subway - sandwiches - 3690 north atlantic avenue - 321-784-4446. The coffee place for most is the starbucks at the surf company - Coffee Shop - 4001 north atlantic avenue - 321-868-8950. Locals like to go and enjoy the Sunrise Diner - american - 165 west Cocoa Beach causeway - 321-783-5647. This is a sure thing for yummy stuff, the simply delicious cafe and bakery - sandwiches, salads - 125 north atlantic avenue - 321-783-2012. One of the very best picks is the Beach Shack - sandwiches - one minutemen causeway - 321-783-2250.

Arnulfo P.

Bathing Suit Vacations

Thanks Florida Travel Commander for the idea to try cafe. It was a good experience and I am ready for more if I need to do more of the special menu and the discounts. It was a big step and I took it and I'm glad I did. All of the local restaurants have the fifty percent off meal, so do that for sure.

Harriett J.

Beach Shops

One of the things that we didn't expect on our vacation to Brevard County Beaches is all the nice areas for Shopping. I would tell everybody that is staying and looking to buy some bathing suits or a bikini that Ron Jon Surf Shop is definitely a good choice but there's many other places to find stuff cheaper. We like going out and browsing the shops and I think the historic Downtown Melbourne area is one that everybody needs to do it's only twenty minutes right down the ocean with a beautiful drive to get there.

We stayed and did the Cocoa Beach Vacation pleasures three different times and never really straight out of the area and boy are we kind of sad about that now. I couldn't believe that area called East New Haven Avenue which has a lot of great Shopping opportunities for beach deals. It was a pleasure to stay at the Residence Inn and use that as a homebase so we got an opportunity to do a little bit of everything from Ocean Fishing to finding that perfect bikini for each of the ladies.

Make sure you stop at some of the historic places like and check that out because they are pretty cool indeed. Art shoppers are gonna love anything that has to do with something pretty for the house and we found some good places for that. Be sure to take your bicycles over the Melbourne Causeway Bridge for one of the best visual sensations of the entire vacation.

Susana E.