Thank goodness for the great community and the volunteers

Sunset Fishing off the Bridge Piers
It was a joy to stay for three excellent days. go

Live Music in the Afternoon
Bring your own kayak and the trails are free to use. go

Number One Resource for Islamorada Florida Keys
Local knowledge is very powerful in the Florida Keys, our favorite place to visit. go

Huge Complex of Entertainment
There is a big fishing shop, which has loads of beachwear, toys, and big hats. go

Free Florida Keys Information
Jimmy Buffet will be proud if you do a good job. go

Ask for the Lobster Bisque
It is nice to eat on the ocean, and wow is so nice Key Colony Beach. go

Uniquely Island Style Grocery
We always walk to get our groceries, likely one will be within a few city blocks. go

Great little locations to explore
It drops off me fast, due to my size and high metabolism. go


Excellent Spot to Checkout

Quality Gift Search
We always are searching for quality gifts, not the cheap stuff that's just going to slowly self-destruct over time. go

Out for Drinks
My pick on a hot day along Duval Street. go

Waterviews Adds Spice to the Vacation
You can walk to plenty of restaurants and happy hour bars or jump on the bicycles. go

Our Picks for Key West's Best Bars
Close to the Schooner Bar, and they really do a good job by starting the music off early (noon), a nice time at Schooner Wharf Key West Florida! go

Rum Runner is number one in the Florida Keys
The second floor views are a real treasure. go

Big Florida Keys Party Boat
You can find the boat (perhaps this is actually a ship!) right over at the docks just in front of the Schooner Wharf Restaurant and Bar. go

Hotel with Watersports
I like staying in the brand name hotels in the keys so it will be nicely maintained and clean. go

Gifts are a good Thing

My boat crash means a bit of Florida Keys doctor money spent. Tell the Catman Kitty, that Florida Travel Commander has a good surgery survival ratio for the pending operation. Most people that go through things like this get lots of those little tiny brownies with walnuts! We work hard in the keys, so a bit of gift food is a good thing! A few pounds of mahi from Fish Tales makes a great gift!

Cortney C.

Honor the Rooster Tradition For

What a super article your website did on the chickens of Key West. We do have to honor the rooster tradition for sure. I think you and Catman Kitty should only eat chicken broth in honor of medical condition Florida Travel Commander. Three eggs and two chicken broths will be plenty, and you will not need to make salad. That is what my Key Largo doctor has me eating tomorrow prepping for an out patient procedure, no issues. Broth day for all!

Emilio K.