The best Florida Keys shopping dream is a marijuana outlet store

Going on a Dive Trip
Adults and older children can go out on the snorkel boat and do the big fish stuff. go

24/7 Upper Florida Keys Grocery Store
The good news here is the prices are basically the same. go

Shopping for Cheap
Nothing beats stopping by the Kmart for all the needed BBQ and picnic stuff, that is the store for Florida Beach goers. go

Great Place for Island Footwear
Going on vacation to an island means a lady must get a pair of Sandals. go

Downtown PADI 5-Star Store
It is a fantastic store and around all the cool things to do and see. go

Fishing Gift Shopping
Go here if winning-formula-fishing gift shopping is a top priority. go

Downtown Fishing Supplies Store
This is the place to get a light duty spinning rod-reel, the tool of trade in the Florida Keys. go

Ingredients for your Key Lime Pie
I bought my juice bottle here at the store. go


Wearables and Gifts

Zippy Mobility Travel Tools
In the middle of the day, when it is heated up on the streets of Key West, that is where the electric vehicle comes a nicely. go

Very happy we rented a Moped
We went with the weekly scooter rental, all electric and just so sweet. go

Hotel is near the Duval Restaurants
We arrived to the surprise of our lives. go

Animal Center of Key West
I did not get any where near that giant everglades caught python. go

Eating with a View
Watch the twinkling lights of the sun drop down through the clouds. go

So Much Better than Typical Bar Food
I am now a big fan of the boneless wing salad, meatball sandwich, and the fried shrimp basket. go

Proven Winners for Keys Snorkel Trips
This trip is easy to recommend. go

Shopping for Tropical Goodies

We buy just about all the electronics online when living down here in the Florida Keys. You will like my fancy new keyboard, with the best feature just being much quieter. The wireless mouse is much better than my old one, which is why I bought the logitech combo pack. Both the mouse and keyboard go to sleep automatically to save battery life. We do not need anymore than the fedex truck to live high tech on the islands. Shopping for tropical wear and margarita mix is my kind of shopping!

Earline K.

Always Looking for Bargains

Fresh jalapenos are the key to cuban cooking in the restaurants of the Florida Keys. Nobody told me to live without fresh Flea Market jalapenos so long. This is rough being on the islands and we need the Homestead Florida veggies! I might have to buy some and it will not be one dollar like the fresh market.

Diann J.