The captain will teach you all sorts of tricks during your adventure

Beach Goods and More
QUESTION: We are so excited for our first trip down to Key West and realize the drive takes a bit. go

Vacation Fish in Key Colony Beach
Try the Key Colony Inn, as they do cook your catch and is walking distance from the Main Attraction Fishing Experience. go

Boating Center on Stock Island
The restaurant has nice waterfront views and you can watch the charters come in late in the day. go

Everyone can help Commercial Fishing Businesses
Yes, they monitor how you release the fish and circle hook usage. go

Ideas for Florida Keys Fishing
The shallow water fishing is very entertaining. go

This is how to catch fish
A morning trip has calmer winds, so we figured that was the best time to hit the water. go

Open Daily Live Fishing Bait
Ask what is hot at the shop and pay close attention the daily Florida Keys Fishing Report. go

Boater Friendly in Key Largo
It sits a block off the Overseas Highway at 21 Garden Cove Drive, or mile marker 106. go


Fishing Targets

This hotel is loaded with Extra Amenities
Our stay was enhanced by the location of the hotel on Truman Avenue. go

Go with the Salads at Chubs
Love the fifty piece wings for out in the boat or during a sports game. go

Rent from Island Bikes
The shop is easy to find as it is located on the main road truman avenue, at the corner of grinnell street. go

Creative Florida Keys Shops
Prices in general are higher down in Key West, so this is the stop for budget Florida Keys Shopping. go

Local Restaurant Recommendations on the Islands
Plan on very active days and a great nightlife, plus you walk and tour burning calories all day. go

Ocean View Mangrove Bar
Monday to Thursday is the way to go in the Florida Keys, and that typically means 30 percent off the weekend rates. go

Easy for the Boater to Enjoy
It's nice having a boater friendly hotel that has a twenty-four hour a day boat ramp. go

Loves the Fishing Adventure Trips

Since the water has been cooling and cold fronts are coming in more frequent the grouper have been moving inshore and grouping up on the ledges. We have started to pick these fish up on the four hour trips. Right around Thanksgiving marks some of the best Gag grouper fishing the Florida Keys has to offer. They have been spread out all summer and biting plenty. Gag grouper close December 3rd. As the month of November progresses and we get a few strong cold fronts these fish will become even easier to target.

Caryn I.

Offshore Fishing Trips Phone Data Coverage

Verizon wireless comes in strong even fifty miles out in the ocean. They let you change plans if you need more coverage area for the boating trips in or out of the Florida Keys. I got a successful change plan note today: your calling plan change request has been completed for wireless number ending in 7787. Your new plan and minutes allowance will begin on the first day of your next billing cycle. Thank you for choosing verizon wireless. Go online to monitor your usage on my verizon Florida Keys.

Richard P.