The more natural the shoreline, the more memorable photo

Where to hit the water in Marathon
This is where we stop on the way down to Mile Marker Zero, it is a sweet beach park. go

Working Out
This is the best place on the island do weightlifting to lower rates of metabolic syndrome. go

Interesting Things just happen on the Island
All concerts begin at 7pm or after the bands get their beer buzz. go

Get into the Water
Boats go by all day, and the docks are really good for night fishing. go

Oceanside Tiki Hut Resort
The Cheeca Lodge is a prime place when you can get one of their special deals. go

Lots to see and do on the Island
You end up doing a bunch of running up or down to get around the island. go

Strong Drinks make us Smile
You just have to grab a drink here, it just calls out. go

Vacation Mobility and Transportation Fun
When you drive these carefully and cautiously, they can safely zoom you around. go


Spending Local Time

Great for the Mango Daiquiri
The vibe is fantastic and they offer a nice perk, as the daily 5pm to 8pm Happy Hour prices are extended on Sunday and Monday to 5pm to midnight! go

Call for the Take-out and Pick-up Menu
Get a photo of the human sized postcard. go

24/7 Upper Florida Keys Grocery Store
The good news here is the prices are basically the same. go

Backroad Parks
If the hook is difficult to remove by hand, use a hook-removal tool. go

Boat Rides out of Key West Port
Believe me, I am in love with bicycle riding in Key West and only boating makes the scenery even better! go

Homework is the Key to Vacation Success
This is where the people of South Florida go on the weekends being less than one hour south of Miami. go

Permit are Schooling near the Reefs
This kind of thing is history, to be shared forever. go

We love Monroe County Florida

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Jeffery V.

Everyone Smiles on the Islands

Can we do more for the six toed cats. Since on my last trip, the fancy box I got the kitty was all the rage. This trip it is kitty box mountain! We may need to adjust the living room a bit to fit kitty box mountain. Yeah to the Catman Kitty, what a treat!

Jannie H.