The Orlando Restaurant Scene is filled with good Value Family Cafes

Orlando Duck Bar
We just love it here and it's never too busy where you can't get a seat. go

Disney Dining
Our family was so impressed with the quality and nice mix of food on the rainforest Disney children's menu. go

Disney Dining Plan Restaurants
If you need a lunch or dinner break, the Brown Derby is the place as it is nicely cool inside and they have cocktails. go

Lake Buena Vista Bar
Many of the area restaurants have live music hours to enjoy. go

Hamburger Cafe
This is a lot better than Dave and Busters because it's really cheap and good for small kids. go

Eating at Animal Kingdom
The menus are limited and that is part of why you get such fast service without the long lines. go

Yummy Tropical Dinner
There's so much to say about Polynesian, give it high marks for style and food. go

Amusement Center
It's always fun to watch somebody play a game first, so you learn how a goes and the tricks and tips to when some points! go


Priority Seating

Special Effects to make you Scream
I just love the ghosts when they ride along in your transportation vehicle. go

Some of the Top Things to Do
The 24-passenger limo screeches to a halt in front of you and that is when the heart starts pounding. go

Hot Fire
Lasts for about 30 minutes, a show and ride combo. go

Fifty Percent off Coupon
I like this kind of stuff, it's competitive and you don't have to pay the Theme Park prices. go

Book your Dinner Reservations
We have started to make reservations for the Disney Orlando Restaurants, it just speeds up the process and we get much better service. go

Very Special
It was impressive to see the 8-foot Hulk figure at the entrance. go

Must do Lands of Epcot
The wonderful movie show is a must do Disney attraction. go

The Food Selection

It would be my honor to make a critique of the food selection that you have when you're visiting the theme parks. As long as you will not have to wait in line, I have been very impressed with the overall selection and nutritional menu, especially Disney. They know how to make tuna salad Sandwiches with low mayonnaise and very minimal oil, and then you can load them up with vegetables just like they do at Subway. Grilled chicken sandwiches are probably one of the most popular items at all of the parks, that's a healthy choice as long you should don't put any Condiments that are bad for you. They sell fresh fruits so you could for instance grab a whole apple real quickly while you're walking down the street at one of the vegetable and drink stop markets. There are some good quick foods that you can grab that one of the Food Courts or in the stores. For instance, something to eat very slow that is filling would be sunflower seeds. The only problem with sunflower seeds at Disney, is are you allowed to spit them on the ground are not! You better go at the apple!

Edmund B.

Eating Suggestions

Let me make some eating suggestions for those at Epcot Future World. Not in the world Showcase of Restaurants, just in future world. Electric umbrella restaurant is located in innoventions east. Coral reef restaurant is a winner inside the Seas with Nemo and Friends. Garden grill is the most popular Quick Service restaurant The Land. Sunshine seasons Food Court is very good with lots of dishes in the land.

Alfredo K.

Eating Picks

Onion is great when paired with the spices of the sausage. I love the slight sweetness of caramelized onions on just about anything. I like the choice of stone-ground mustard on top of anything. I found the best polish sausage in Orlando at cafe in Longwood. Get a beer with a polish sausage, one with generous pour. Hot mustard is a great choice for the sausage as a condiment. Beer is pricey with dogs at Disney. We went for late night drinks and loved the bar.

Laverne F.