The reef trips get mega positive feedback from guests

Kayak Rentals
It is a very nice island town and we were thrilled with our kayak trip in the nice and clear water. go

Bring your ice to take your catch
It is nice, and good luck with the big sharks! go

Scuba Dive Tavernier
QUESTION: Our hotel is at mile marker 94 and we want to know where to go for scuba trips? go

Bring your Lobster Catching Kit
It is easy to go out and search for some seafood treats to eat! go

Things to see on your Dive Trip
Most places you cannot use a spear gun. go

We had the greatest time on the trip
When you get swells 1 to 3 feet, everyone gets beaten up. go

Place to go Fishing
When you snorkel, look for lobster, shells, and the sea life. go

Everything to Peddle or Paddle
The store is very cool if you are into outdoor gear. go


Along the Waterfront

Vacation Rentals in Marathon Florida Key
You will be only a couple of minutes in from grocery stores, drug stores Eckerds and Walgreens, K-Mart, and many nice restaurants. go

Primetime food with a special view
The wine list is excellent but once were down here in the Florida Keys I want margaritas or fancy frozen cocktails. go

Huge Heated Freshwater Pool
Last year we stayed at the Tranquility Resort, and it was too pricey but prime time. go

Upper Keys Boater Hotels
Why did we pick Harbor Lights, it is the perfect place to start your Florida Keys trip. go

Big Pine Key National Park
Do not be in any hurry if you want to learn about the kinds of things that are natural like the little Key Deer. go

Bicycle Rentals
We like to rent from island bikes, they treat us right. go

Seafood and Views Hotel
I like staying in the fancy hotels in the keys so it will be nicely maintained and clean. go


Boat Trips

Along the Waterfront

I have to tell you that we were most impressed with the Appledore Sunset Sail. Give it our top rating everyone will say yippie-yippie, as this is a true Florida Keys sailing adventure that you get to participate in. You and your family or friends get to go on a big-time voyage around the tip of Key West. During the day you want good sunshine and that's when the Cruzan Cat boat trips are perfect. It was our time to get out and enjoy a serious boat ride and watersports adventure. The reef diving in the Florida Keys is on the largest reef system in the world. It is fun to try the different types of boat trips like the Marquesa the Catamaran. If you are ready for an adventure, just head down to the docks and you can be on your way. Get excited, as the fun starts even before you walk on board the boat. It just happened to be the same weekend when they were having the Swim around Key West contest. Is the ocean nice here on the islands, just perfect for swimming and watersports. Taking on the ocean is very entertaining, but so challenging at the same time.

Darren P.