The rooms are exceptional and the colors will make you smile

Key Largo Hotels with Kayaks and Refrigerators
It would be tough to find a better place. go

Ways to Save on Key West Lodging
Plan on plenty of good-pleasure-fun so go ahead and book the hotel! go

Awesome Lower Florida Keys Vacations
We had a blast and could not say enough about this fun hotel. go

Finding the Value Priced Hotels
There are plenty of good things to do, with the Miss Islamorada Party Fishing Boat being number one. go

Great times we shared around Marathon Key
Celebrate life or vacations in the coolest Florida city. go

Fishing Vacations for the Mahi Dolphin Fish
Swimming season is more fun, so do not think summer is too warm! go

Nice for Mom-Dad and our Kids
You will love the city's nightlife and waterfront bar option. go

Tasty Bar Menu at the Islander
It is oh so close and winner of a hotel for sure. go


Virtual Voyager

Rent a Kayak in Islamorada
You can get so much closer to the nature and just wave at the boats much further offshore! go

Security is better here than most
Any suggestions that are great for families? go

Improving Key West Vacations
Swimming is always the highlight of my day, that and of course one of those big Captain Tony's cocktails! go

Daily Happy Hours in the Afternoon
Our vacation was at the Breezy Palms Resort, so we could walk to the restaurant for lunch or dinner in about two minutes. go

Come by Boat, Bicycle, or Kayak
I love the fancy cocktails with all the fruit sticking out. go

Buying the Fresh Caught Seafood
Locals go to the market for the fresh fish sandwiches homemade every day. go

Middle Keys Stops
Great looking Turtle T-Shirts makes a super florida keys gift. go


Got to love nice Waterfront Rooms

Virtual Voyager

Let's pray for sunshine and good weather when staying on the waterfront. If so, I was thinking about coming up for the weekend for the Art Show, if you are not busy. We can see how it goes. If sunny, I am ready to hit the places, cold is fine. Tonight is full moon islamorada-kitty play night.

Corine L.