The Theme Parks have always been super for food and rides

Do take Children to the Show
It is a nice change and you get to sit for a bit, saving your legs for more walking around the theme park rides. go

World of Lego
As a teacher of younger children, I really get a kick out of how far the world of Lego has come. go

Going for the Music and Laughs
Plan to take lots of photos of the famous Mouse and all the friends. go

The Performers
Enjoy approximately 30 minutes of mystery, stunts, shooting, fighting, and intrigue. go

Super Duper Roller Coaster Ride
The big roller coaster is in Asia. go

Attractions your Kids will Love
Dreams Come True for children in this enchanting Disney sanctuary, a picture-book town filled with colorful architecture and rides. go

A Full Day of Memories
The rides here are for the most part relaxing, plus on the rides adults get to cool off and the music is a classic. go

Highly Unusual
We like to come here and it's a nice family place to play, get some food, and walk around the lake front. go


Day Touring

Bus Transportation
All of the Disney Orlando transportation is free, which offsets a bit of the slowness. go

Disney Marina
You can spend a lot of time beside the pristine outdoor swimming pool. go

We Could Not Have Been Happier
The swimming pool zone is the big time play area and you might as well expect to be in the pool is at least one hour a day. go

So Much to Do at this Disney Hotel
Just try to beat the price on this Disney Orlando hotel. go

Swimming Pool
What could be better than a Disney adult cocktail bar. go

Tropical Hotel
Another way to get around even further is called Lynx service. go

Accommodations at Disney Orlando
Only here in Orlando will you find hotel rooms are themed out like Toy Story the Movie. go

Trip Planning for Epcot

This park encourages creativity, celebrates imagination and unites countries as you tour the world and get a glimpse of what awaits us in the future. Starting in Mexico you move on to Norway, China, Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom and Canada. We are planning on going to Disney this summer for the new rides and the Epcot wine party. You can't miss out on Disney Epcot as this park stretches over 300 acres including a World Showcase and Future World. On the world show case you will experience eleven countries, each with its own beer!

Cristina G.

Disney Itinerary

Casual is good for all the walking at Hollywood Studios Theme Park and I am casual most of the time. Florida is great for shorts most of the year, lots of swimming, little make up, hair up, comfy shoes, and bikinis for the ladies at the Beach Club Resort! There is something about dressing up like the Movie Ride leader, though. I wouldn't want to do it all the time and I'd hate it if I had to do it for work everyday, but occasionally is fun. Occasionally agreeing to a Disney charity event to shut mom up is nice, not that I would tell her that, ha. Florida is not the place for the fancy dress, but ok is cute shoes, fancy hair, special make-up, sexy lingerie, it's fun. Women like james bond for a reason because no one sports a tux like mr sean connery. Conquering Aerosmith Ride today, but my back hates hills and fast drops, so this could end horribly!

Christi F.

Fun in Orlando

We may have to pack for warmth for an Orlando vacation in late December to the Magic Kingdom Park rides. I am thinking gloves, a warm hat, and underwear that is warm. It will be great if we are ready for the deep Florida winter. We can do it! Maybe we should make some chili to take over. Hot foods are sounding good right now since it is a bit cold. My Altamonte Springs bike ride today was a bit tough, but no problem. Thank goodness it is Florida and not up in the rest of the states! A good way to warm up is backyard fix up decorating work and Lion King kitty chase.

Demetrius A.