The water gets deeper extremely slowly, so you walk out and look down

Water Shoes on the Shoreline
Anne eaton beach is a gorgeous stretch of sand surrounded by mangrove trees, fiddler crabs and a pleasant Boardwalk. go

Pick Out the right Hotel
This is a really good place to get the Beach Play and all the resort experiences. go

Winners for Waterfront Views
Having boat dockage is a good thing. go

Hotel on the Atlantic Ocean
Fabulous are the beaches in the Florida Keys, as this shallow water snorkeling for children to learn. go

Oceanfront Shoreline Beach Park
I love the Beach Shoreline at Curry RV Park. go

Great for Everyone That Loves Ocean Views
Many Key Colony Beach hotels feature free kayaks and water toys to use. go

Best Beach in Key West
Pick your water toy of choice: kayak, paddle board, hobie cat, Aqua cycles, and more. go

Secret Beach Zones for Play
It is really nice to experience the laid-back Keys. go


Bikini Lovers

The car stays in the Parking Lot
One of the better places to book as this Victorian style inn is highly decorated and has some of the island's best rooms. go

Value Priced Entertainment and Drinking Tour
To spice it up, why not order a different drink at each location. go

Things to do at Key Colony Beach
They have a jogging trail and plenty of biking pathways available, and neat restaurants/bars with live music and water views. go

Our Picks for Key West's Best Bars
We were here in August and had lunch listening to Michael McCloud, one of the daytime regulars. go

Historic City Center Locations
The islands are loaded with neat area landmarks. go

Top Tours Stops in the City Center
We rank this right up there with some of the top tours of the Mile Marker Zero City. go

Extra special for a Romantic time in Key West
This is a really fancy place with a lot of upgrades, first class and way above the benchmark. go


One of the Beaches

Bikini Lovers

This sure is the vacation place to have a lot of fun doing the beaching and watersports. Most every day we goes to one of the beaches are somewhere along the waterfront. We just love these new Kayaks, which feature all the goodies. Completely rigged and ready for fishing or Manatee Sightings! There are a lot of good places to rent watercraft if you're ready to go out on a nice day. We've had really good luck using Backcountry Outfitters as they have all that good stuff and are very experience to help you out. Forget about the big boats, although they are fun too, as the kayak rules around the shallow islands. You can get so much closer to the nature and just wave at the boats much further offshore! You can get a guided tour, if you want an extra special experience. I would do a search on google before you get down here for great paddling destinations in the Florida Keys. You might as well go to the best places or ask them at the shop, because they can show you on the map. Make sure you get out and tour Lignumvitae key.

Hong V.