There is no Way not to Smile all Day long in Orlando

Bus Trolley
Learn about the upgrades, we took the deal off Power Pass. go

Mini Speedboats
This is all he's been talking about ever since we got back from vacation, and he is ready for another vacation package soon. go

Irish Music and Entertainment outside of Ireland
Younger artists here in the Orlando area present their best stuff. go

Work on your Putting
This is definitely something that we would recommend others that would like to try their chances at miniature golf, family-style with a twist. go

Plan on a Half a Day
Ask them about re-entering the park when you buy your ticket and they will explain what you need to do. go

Boat Rides
The fact that the show is on a moving boat just adds a different element to the whole environment. go

Lover of the Animals
Good times are waiting for all visitors vacationing to Orlando. go

Star Wars
They have stages all over the place, the key is knowing when and what time these particular attractions are going to be displaying and performing. go


Excellent Time

Smile for the Camera
They have kid sized roller coaster too, and it is great for character greets, so keep your video camcorder ready for the perfect shot! go

Classic Rollercoasters
We love to stay late and the last half hour before closing can be the most fun. go

Pleasure Palace of Great Beer Choices
You will start with the drink menu most likely as we were thirsty, as it does get warm in April. go

Craft Beer Bar
This is a brewery and a chef style prepared kitchen. go

International Drive Hotels
We did the miniature golf, International Drive pizza, the Southwest Grill, and we used the bicycles or the Orlando bus system to get to everything. go

Orlando Animal Care
In between she seems to be clearing her throat, and her head thrusts forward, which seems like a cough. go

Entertainment Keeps Everyone Ready for More
A lot of the Disney Villains are spotlighted in the night-time show Fantasmic! go

Do it All

This is an excellent town for a vacation, probably by far the best and Florida. I have to admit Key West is really great and that whole Duval Street Fun. Orlando is just so much bigger and therefore you can spend months and months here and still never do it all. We like having so many options for things to do each day for the daylight and for the Nightlife. Everything seems to improve each time, for instance like the new putt Golf Course over there at Citywalk. We so much love the Winter Summerland putt golf over there at Disney, it is a pleasure to do fun stuff like this. Do not let me forget the Pirates Cove Miniature Golf on International Drive, that is a beautiful course. We pretty much do everything from fun spot, two Expedition Everest. We love the city and would recommend it highly!

Tamara B.

Heading to the Action

I just bought a bunch of boneless chicken on sale at Winn-Dixie thinking I could cook it on the grill tonight and then bring it with us on vacation. If you think that is a good idea, I will use the carolina bbq sauce, which is the same kind you got on your Altamonte Springs Christmas vacation.

Something else I can bring is cooking now in the slow cooker. It is the fresh pole beans, cooking with onions, and potatoes, with some spices added. It might be great, but for sure super healthy with only fresh ingredients. Bbq chicken and a pole beans mix is a whole bunch just like the Boston Market Orlando! Does that sound alright with you?

Rosetta G.