Things slow down a bit once you start walking, the atmosphere lowers your blood pressure

Day Sails on the Tall Ship
The boat is over 125-feet long and was a maintenance vessel for the Western Union Telegraph for decades. go

More Neat Things to See Close By
It is incredible how they build historic things, even some of the landmarks of Key West are of the mid-1800s. go

Photo Taking Opportunities
A number of other ports are available in Florida, but this is the best one. go

Surprises on the Sightseeing Tour
There are lots of things to see on land, the main island is four miles long. go

What to See at Sunset Time
Catching sticks that are on fire while being blindfolded is pretty tough to do. go

Historical Places
Anyone can get involved as we continue to promote historic preservation Keys-wide. go

Lots to See in Jackson Square
Key West locals call this area Jackson Square and is made even more popular by nearby Green Parrot Pub. go

One of the Incredible Places to Visit
It is very neat to learn the trivia behind this historic city. go


Pathway to History

Looking for the Best Hotel Deals
Some of the best hotels in the Florida Keys are not the big name chain hotels. go

Bring Your Beach Toys
Everything around here so relaxing, this is my kind of beach zone! go

Nicely Prices and Loads of Fun
Kona Kai is fun and so sweet for a relaxing cottage by the water. go

Florida Keys Omelette Winner
Service was quick and every bite was excellent. go

Greene Street Pizza Restaurant
This cafe is on Greene Street in the heart of the action. go

Hotels by the beaches of Key West
Such a fine stay, it was a big pleasure to book here for our five nights in September. go

Better ideas for Island Hotels
This hotel is all about nature, just walk around the grounds. go


Historical Places for Sightseeing

Pathway to History

The first part of the day is all about finding the Historical Places for sightseeing. Any day would not be as good on vacation without a trip to the tiki bar. This is right up our speed, a sweet spot for us looking to just relax and enjoy the waterfront scenery. We got one of the outdoor tables which is certainly the way to go when the weather cooperates. If you want to check out the us open tennis or the nation sports events, go to D-Hooker. This town is crazy about seafood, fishing, sports, and beer. That is why this restaurant is yours to be delighted! For fast service take out food in Key Largo go with Chubs Subs and wings. One of the neatest place in town, quick and easy. Love the fifty piece wings for out in the boat or during a sports game. Galley Dockside is a nice place for those after going on the quicksilver reef boat trip. We stopped in here on our first night in Key Largo and just loved the fish tacos and the meatloaf.

Adan T.