What are the nicest beaches in Florida

Beaches close to Orlando Theme Parks
Watch the big boats go through while you are on the beach. go

Pier Fishing
We always bring a big cooler because you just don't know what's gonna happen and lots of ice so that way you don't have to rush home and I preferred to clean the fish when I get home. go

The local shops http://supecoadventures.com/ are all about the same price so I am not going to recommend any specific one, but any of the good ones. go

Beach Parking
This is the one of the better city parks although I do like bicentennial park and loggerhead preserve big time. go

Pier Fishing
Fishing bait is near by at http://www.whiteysonline.com/ or use frozen shrimp from Walmart. go

Beach Day
We like parking here as you can walk to ron jon's Surf Shop and a bunch of lunch restaurants. go

Local Parks
I would call this one of the more busy parts of town because there's a lot of people moving around picking up things to eat and exploring on bicycles. go

Front Street Park
Bring Your Boat, it looks like the perfect place to head out to get out in the indian river. go


Scenic Trails

Rooftop Bar
A muffaletta sandwich like http://lidiasitaly.com/recipes/detail/972 is one of those things that you will never forget in your life. go

Melbourne Beach Hotels
I'm gonna try to remember all the little tidbits that I can remember about this fine place. go

Melbourne Sports Bar
They have some really beautiful women that work here as servers. go

Buy Surf Boards
Make sure you don't have anything loose on when you're out playing around in the waves. go

Bring the Water Kayak
I am going to use my old bike. go

Beach Chairs
This is about the center most part of the entire Cocoa Beach strip. go

Cruise Ship Watching Bar
What a view and you get to see all the cruise ships come in and go, and up so close! go

The Shoreline

I think we should target Bicycle Riding down the shoreline on Fort Myers Beach. We can easily bike around on the cool waterfront, walk some around any hotels, plus the main area. I want to see the new channel on the far end north by the Pink Shell. We can easily get four or five hours of exercise plus the sightseeing. It is a good area to keep the mind busy while working out. When we get tired a bit, then head back to jump in the swimming pool. That is my pick!

Joshua W.

All Good

What a shot of you heading to the Primanti Brothers bathroom. Send it to your mom. I love the guy with the napkin loving the Pizza slices! Go get your hands washed to be ready for the award winning food as rated by allonflorida.com the food source for dining. Beach Food is just good in the Cocoa Beach pizza kitchens mackinslice.com or Fort Lauderdale.

Raymundo H.