Some rides at Disney just have to be gone on twice

France Bakery Expansion to Downtown Disney
International Drive is an excellent choice for dining and shopping, but we like Downtown Disney much better. go

New Things to Do
Anything that has jolting action on the ride is my kind of fine. go

Golf Course
There are a bunch of excellent golf vacation hotels at Disney World. go

Fishing at Disney
Everything is about the water at Disney, it is at the resorts, parks, and the pools have a nice view. go

Trick the Eyes Street View
Discover your wild side and scream at spectacular live events, travel on tour rides, and walk the very best Streets of America. go

Free Play
The music and dance rubs off on you and the family. go

Round and Round
We actually passed over Astro Orbiter many times because, it looks kind of tame. go

Miniature Golf
The super large course is perfect for young putters, who, even if they haven't seen the movie fantasia. go


Suited for Smiles

Swan Resort Restaurant
For coffee and sweets get the Mango sorbet with berries. go

Finding a Room
It is nice to be close to I-Drive and the Lake Buena Vista entertainment zone. go

Pool Pleasures at the Downtown Disney Resorts
This is one impressive area and it is one of the resorts where bicycles are great to have and the bonus water taxis. go

Amenities Light up Disney Stay
You will love the whole package of amenities. go

Orlando Hotels that have been designed for Children
We like to bring plenty of apples, tangerines, and grapes to skip breakfast and head straight to the theme parks. go

All-Star Movie Restaurant
There's no way to fit it all in one day, so don't even think about even going on all of the best rides at Animal Kingdom park, but be sure to do Expedition Everest. go

Swimming Pool
This is the kind of thing that you will do every time you are heading back towards your hotel room. go

Fine Florida Vacation Travel Trips

Know which rides have fast passes. A good one is the peter pan ride at the Magic Kingdom. Fast passes work by giving you a window of time when you can return to the ride and have a short wait. These are some of the most popular rides for toddlers aged children that you will want to get Fast Pass. Having to wait only about five minutes is too cool.

Wendell M.

Go for the Rides

Florida Travel Commander, I am ok after the big corporate outing to Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Things are getting a little better each day, but I still want to leave my Disney job. I have been working on my resume for the past Two Nights. It looks much better. I am going to apply to some jobs this weekend. I realize I will get to a point where I will just have to be patient and wait for something to come along, but right now I want to keep working at it as much as possible.

After this All-Star Sports resort weekend, I will take a break. My nerves are better and I am eating better. I got a great book at work today for free. Someone found a bunch of books in an office and gave them away. It is called crashproof your life. The book is supposed to tell you how to prepare for situations such as job loss. It is a perfect book for me right now plus some beers at TGI Fridays Cafe!

Milford S.