Resorts to enjoy around the Island of Key West

Hotels below Mile Marker One
Weekends are about travel in Florida. go

Having a refrigerator is a big plus
We are looking a home, b&b, or classic keys type of place. go

Book the Hotel
I write to you this day from a dazzling sun soaked island, at the far end of the road in the Florida Keys. go

Relaxing in Paradise
Picking from the cool hotels around the city is what travel homework is all about. go

Hotels to enjoy the Happy Hours
This is one of the better places to stay on the beachside of Key West. go

Campground on Stock Island
Be sure to go to the coolest bar that you will ever find and the different public swimming holes to take advantage of. go

Ready for Couples in Key West
All the biking and walking makes this like a tropical fitness vacation combo. go

Nice Location
It is such a fun town to take a vacation, worth every cent. go


Finding the Bargains

Travel Tips for the City Center
It is easy just to lock your bicycle to anything that seems appropriate and out of the street. go

Jumbo Lump Blue Crab Cakes
Oh so tasty, we love it here and always get the daily drinks special. go

Help Yourself to Veggies
Try some of the interesting wraps, salads, smoothies, and more. go

Good Things for All Ages to Do
I do not know how Mr Flagler thought, but leaving the Keys is always more somber than when we arrived. go

Historic City Center Locations
Do a little travel homework before your getaway, to maximize your fun. go

Old Town Looper Ride
The back row is not good, but you can look backwards. go

Fun Starts on the Way in
No window seat available, for me I take another flight. go

Waterfront Locations for Room Rentals

We love to take the cruise down and enjoy the southernmost city. What a Place, the perfect start to your cruise vacation. Each hotel offers free wi-fi, a sparkling pool and an outdoor patio to relax. Package details vary by day of the week. There's plenty to do including great water play stuff, beaches, fantastic restaurants and the best Shopping destinations. Escape. Please visit each hotels deals and promotions page for specific offerings. Enjoy all florida has to offer before you set sail.

Bart Q.

Faq on Driving to Key West

Good thing you left at a decent time, as the black clouds and thunder today looked fearsome. Those big rains are no fun to drive through over the everglades, on the Overseas Highway, and on interstate 75. I sure hope you did not hit any heavy rain getting out of the Florida Keys.

Sterling U.