Use the bicycle and it is better to see more faster

Units have all the Vacation Necessities
There you get tons of boat rentals, charter trips, reef dives, and even the Miss Islamorada Party Fishing Boat. go

Where should couples stay in the Florida Keys
Summer is great down here because of the watersports. go

Stay on an Island
This was one of the better trips we've ever taken in our lives. go

Where to kite, surf, and paddle
They have a singer who sings Island-type music at the Tiki Bar Pool and you can hear it all over the property as you walk around. go

Pet Friendly Rental
You will have no issues here with the unit, just not for those pulling a boat. go

Resorts on the Top Ten List
They have old photographs on the walls too and the photographs are really neat to look at. go

Boater Friendly
Boats get tied up on all four corners, which is needed to keep it safe from the wind storms. go

Huge Heated Freshwater Pool
Be sure to bring your wet shoes otherwise called beach shoes because you don't want your feet to get messed up. go


Comparing Hotels

Cycling the Southernmost Florida Keys Island
We always take an extra bag, or a large purse is fine. go

Our Favorite of the Lunch Menu
It is open all day, but we have focused on the breakfast specials and lunch. go

Sunset Waterfront at Key Colony Beach
ANSWER: Splendid is the best way to describe the outstanding community, and it is really just a piece of Marathon. go

Great Place for Island Footwear
This is required island style giftware! go

Sells Children's Swimwear
For the evenings on the boat can be cool so grab a cardigan or a blazer to keep warm. go

Swimming at Sombrero Reef Beach
About a mile down on the left, so cool for family fun. go

Jewfish Creek Waterfront Bar
What fun, it is always a good time with the live music and the water. go


Bicycle Vacations to Key Colony Beach

Comparing Hotels

Having fresh food in the Key Colony Beach Condo will be a good thing for quick food. Some people can get cranky, and having healthy food is a winner of an idea. That is what the condo is all about, reducing the restaurant expenses. Plus we bicycle ride to the bars. I have green beans cooking now, slowly with spices. Tomorrow the fancy salad making goes into play, with fresh olives, red onion, feta cheese, black olives, tomatoes, and thinly sliced fresh green cabbage. The condo means we can cook and heat lots of stuff.

Katie B.