Vacations Down here are a good time for Sure

Resorts on the Top Ten List
What a primetime hotel location with history. go

Every Day was Perfect for Bicycle Sightseeing
We explored more places, did more sightseeing, and had more time to relax. go

Great Stay and Play in the Florida Keys
We are looking a home, b&b, or classic keys type of place. go

Hotel Rooms With Lower Value Prices
This is a playful town, so we checked in and pulled our bikes right off the car rack to begin touring. go

Over size heated swimming pool
So we can ensure a noiseless night for the kids to sleep. go

Picking Out a Downtown Winner
What a lovely location to play and do all the sightseeing. go

Vacation with a Great Pool
We have a 22 foot center console and the Boat Dock Parking is so easy. go

Using the Marriott Points
The most luxurious beachfront keys style rentals on the island, even though you get nightly renting. go


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Happy with the coconut key chain
Our vacation was amazing and we will always take an annual trip to either Islamorada or Key West. go

Sunset Waterfront Shoppes
Vacations are really expensive enough to come down here plus you have to pay the hotel bed tax. go

Authentic Key West Cooking
Fantastic it is for sightseeing outside and dinner inside! go

Finest in the Yummiest Treats
One of the cool spots for a tasty treat in Key West. go

Finely Crafted for Relaxed Living
They offer a variety of colorful lamps and just about everything imaginable to decorate your home, kitchen, or porch. go

Bakery Cafe and Ice Cream Shop
Smoothies are the big draw with all the healthy focus on fresh fruit. go

Search for Cheap Gifts
Dressing for dinner at Sunset Key is the ultra thin dress with a Cardigan for warm, add in some Pumps plus a Clutch bag. go


A lot of Rooms to Choose

Go to Pleasures

The trips we take into the Florida Keys have been very good. There are a lot of rooms to choose from and you can plan on a lot of homework unless you go with the Holiday Inn Express or the Marriott Courtyard. A lot of the bed and breakfast hotels have very poor cancellation policies and for sure to do prepaid reservations. Many will say on their website that you will not receive a refund for the party early or if you cannot make it because of some sickness in the family. They really good attention to the hotels that only have self parking off-site. Having a nice hotel parking lot to me is pretty much a mandatory thing. Perhaps if someone is flying in to eyw airport, then they could read some of those rooms. I think it's kind of funny when people put on their websites things like complementary wi-fi and high-speed internet. Everybody has that, that's like putting that you get a toilet. Forget about dogs in the Florida Keys, this is not a good place for dogs, it's very hot sometimes, and there are too many people.

Kristofer D.