Florida Residents get great value out of the Disney Annual Pass

Coming and Going
They operate similar to the free bus transportation, and run at about 10-15 minute intervals. go

Go to the Parks
We really love the special aspects of each of the resorts. go

Climb the Mountain
Be sure to ride all three of the Magic Kingdom rollercoasters. go

Magic Kingdom Speed Track
Take your pick of the car with the largest engine and fire it up and go fast. go

Enthusiastically Creative
Beer is the star at the Rose and Crown Pub. go

Put the smile on and enjoy the show
Fast rides are the top pick for most ages visiting this park, since everyone knows or has heard all about Everest the Rollercoaster Experience. go

Out on the Speedway Track
Just like Richard Petty did, with your own pit crew and all. go

They really work hard and get good training, plus they take all the safety precautions to make sure that they do not have head injuries. go


Recommended Itineraries

A Great Resort
Wow, this is one modern and jazzy hotel stay. go

Disney World Hotel Deals
We love staying at places where you wear your Mickey Mouse Ears even at the hotel! go

Pool Slide
Saratoga Springs Resort is a lot more than just a place to get a Spa Treatment. go

Book a Walt Disney Resort Value
Situated in the heart of Disney is a good thing, and it offers a variety of special features to make your time as convenient as possible like the poolside brew pub bar. go

Hotel for the Monorail
Walt Disney really came through with building this transportation system because it seems pretty darn cool even before you get into the Magic Kingdom Theme Park. go

Four Nights
ANSWER: You Couldn't be Closer to the Disney Orlando Magic, as the better disney hotels have microwaves and are sweetly located. go

Automobile free Orlando Vacation Hotels
I would like to do a little review on the Disney bus system. go

More Things to Inspire the Mind

Hi guys, Would you like to watch Harry Potter and the deathly hallows online? All that is free now on the Disney Website. Even many of the highlights of the ones not released yet. Previews are nice, before the full feature comes out. Now can watch it already! Way cool, watch harry potter and the deathly hallows online free. Just back from Universal Orlando.

Alta A.

This Place is Great

This is so enjoyable-fun. You do get all the value out of an Orlando Hotel experience. I think it is better than staying at the Peabody. Nice make-your-day place-to-explore-location for Disney and Universal Studios. This place is great, it's a really Big Hotel and they kids will have a lot of fun. We decided to use the car instead of the free Bus Rides. Everything is close by, even Universal. Also, count my vote. I give Indiana Jones Stunt Show a seven of ten. It is a good show, very interesting to see what happens at an Hollywood Studios. I would consider it as an educational experience. Seven it is.

Colleen T.