Watersports and Boating Fort Myers Beach

Beach Wearables
I like the Local Color shop which is very close by and they even have swimsuits if you want to get something pretty for your Swimming Lessons at oaks pool! go

Beach Gift Store
The products are always changing although some things are forever like a parrot head necklace! go

Beach Shops
I couldn't say enough about buying good shoes and they have a bunch a cute different kinds in here that you don't find everywhere else. go

Bike Rental
Everybody likes the scooters and the electric vehicles and pretty much anything that'll make you move around nice and smooth on an island, but the bicycles are my favorite and that's my vote. go

Sweets and Edible Gifts
The people behind the store are really good and they used to focus on the local farmers markets and then they went retail and now they've got a couple of thriving locations because they have good products. go


Product Purchase

Prime Location
This condo was the perfect spot because the sandcastle competition really highlighted a weekend of festivities making it even better. go

Scuba diving reef by Fort Myers Beach
Tickets sold to view the ship supported the continuing process of maintenance and the redevelopment of the Truman Annex Memorial Park. go

Nature Viewing Park
It's easy to find just turn left on bay street right next to the Fort Myers Beach library center, the big building on bay street and go down to the dead-end and that's it. go

Fort Myers Beach Park
You have a lot of beach options but this is the easiest one for most the people in Lee County because you just have to hop over the bridge and you are here. go

It's a show in itself just watching people manage their multiple fishing poles, dealing with the bait, cutting up the bait with a knife, the blood all over there hands, and keeping the pole in the water, so your hook is ready with the bait on it. go

Boat Hotel
It's a good area I think if you can stay here for a full week then you will really have an opportunity to check everything out but two nights is a winning-good-time! go

Staying at the Beach
You don't have to worry about the little things because they all work like the icemaker and the microwave, and thank goodness we have a dishwasher on this trip and don't have the try to wash dishes in the hotel sink! go