We are blessed with the coolest nature patch

Beach Area Close to Port of Key West
It is huge and right at the tip. go

Waterfront Sightseeing Bridge Park
On the sun calm wind days, the water is glass and you can see sting rays, turtles, and nurse sharks if you take your time and look over the side every minute or two. go

Upper Keys Little League
Just bring your child to a game to start the process of joining. go

Things walking distance from the Caribbean Resort
We stayed at the Days Inn and found some really great things to explore, like the Hurricane Monument. go

Low Winds Makes the Best Trip
On a calm day the whole thing is just magical. go

Good Things out on the Water
We have gone out twice over the years, once is plenty. go

Places to take your children
You can look down and see the big fish, sharks, rays, and the loggerhead sea turtles. go

Secret Beach
It is not on Key Colony Beach, just before that turn on Coco Plum Drive, left if heading south and the beach entrance is less than two miles. go


Encounters with the Wild

Making the Most of Duval Street
You just can't beat this, having an excellent sports bar right here on Duval Street. go

Florida Keys Crab Cakes at the Bar
Yes, they do things a bit more creatively than the basic diners you will see along the way. go

Locations for Live Music on Duval
I believe the live music starts at 4 or 5pm, just in time for happy hour. go

Atlantic Ocean View Park
This is one of the fun spots for drinking alcohol. go

Private Romantic Retreat
Key West is the top spot in Florida for a walking vacation. go

Where is the place to get Beer in Islamorada
Mostly we go to the smaller markets in the Florida Keys, it is what makes island life special. go

Picking a Location in Key West
We learned that the Mel Fisher Attraction Tickets are good all day, so you can re-enter the museum if you keep you sticker. go


Greener Grilling BBQ Tips

Encounters with the Wild

A charcoal chimney is a metal cylinder that makes it easy to get charcoal started. By choosing earth-friendly fuel options, better ingredients and sustainably sourced seasonings, you can satisfy your family's taste buds. When you light the paper, the chimney effect of the tube lights the charcoal from the bottom quickly and easily. Everyone needs to know mother nature greener grilling tips. Briquettes go on the grate atop the chimney and newspaper goes at the bottom. Did you know outdoor bbq can be a green activity? Fore go the lighter fluid and invest in a charcoal chimney. You already know grilling is a healthful, flavorful and wide-smiles-fun way to cook while enjoying the great outdoors. Grilling with charcoal briquettes imparts a wonderful flavor to foods, but many cooks resort to a squirt fest of lighter fluid to get the coals burning faster. Here on the islands, please follow the greener grilling tips.

Glenna N.