We have a lot of fun checking out local history

La Casa Cuba
Make sure you have a blast seeing it all and stay up late. go

Taylor Beach Park
It is just a fabulous park that is the best place to go snorkeling away from the reefs. go

On the Walking Sightseeing Tour
This is the most efficient travel and transportation method in the city. go

Historical Places
We appreciate your continued support and interest in preserving our heritage. go

What to See at Sunset Time
You have to laugh at the crazy stuff that happens on the docks. go

Thanks to the Military
Again, I am talking about the Clinton Square Market. go

Good things to do with Children in Key West
The boat is over 125-feet long and was a maintenance vessel for the Western Union Telegraph for decades. go

Lots to See in Jackson Square
You will spend plenty of time in and around this area during your key West stay. go


Exploring Historic Sites

Things to see in the Daylight Hours
We save so much by always driving down on Tuesday and stay through Thursday night, returning to Miami on Friday afternoon. go

Downtown Key West Express Lunch
What is so unique is the location right next to some excellent live music pumping bars. go

Key West Beach Winner Award
The cafe is a true charmer, sitting so nicely right along the beach on the Atlantic Ocean. go

Pet Care in Islamorada
The Vet is also open and ready to help those from out of town. go

Perfect Setting for the Festival Weekends
I read some of the orbitz website comments in the trip advisor comments, which were a little off-base. go

Art Gallery in Key West
You want to get a gift that will truly last a lifetime. go

Everyone treats you like a VIP Resort Guest
Water play is part of the hotel stay. go


Historical Sightseeing Places

Exploring Historic Sites

All day it was historical sightseeing place to photograph, then later it was food time. I was impressed by Lazy Days Marathon. It is a very nice waterfront dining spot in the Middle Florida Keys. They have it all and do it with a zest. Go a head and put on your list the Salty's Waterfront Grill. It was a great treat for us to have dinner and drinks right before sunset. This is a top pick for sure, great views. On the way down to Key West the pitstop of choice is Boondocks Grille. You will enjoy the tasty dishes. The menu offers a wide variety of seafood, burgers, salads, and more options to satisfy all tastes. I like the Key Largo Boardwalk Pizza For Lunch or dinner. The pizza fix is so easy here on the Overseas Highway at mile marker 89. Pick your choice of all sorts of italian pizza toppings and dishes, right on the corner of high point road.

Cathryn V.