We have to rave over the prime fishing opportunities

Extra Special Fishing Spots
You will stay plenty busy right here at the hotel property, and then it is time to hop on the beach bike. go

Fishing from the Dock
It sits a block off the Overseas Highway at 21 Garden Cove Drive, or mile marker 106. go

A New Fishing Tradition is Born
A morning trip has calmer winds, so we figured that was the best time to hit the water. go

Put the non-keepers back in the water fast
You can get a complete fishing pole at the Key Largo Kmart for about $20 and they work. go

Baiting up for the Big Fish
I like that area at the bottom end of upper matecumbe because it is always successful. go

Mile Marker 4 Lagoon
We really like the area a ton and come down 3 or 4 times a year, during the summer months. go

Backroad Parks
If you want to have a shot at a crazy sheepshead bite you better get out fishing soon. go

Old Town Fishing Store
White live bait works the best down here and crabs are best for night fishing. go


Fishing Targets

What adults will want to do
Not sure why the city has a questionable reputation regarding kids, as everything was exceptional during our Florida Keys vacation at the Galleon Resort. go

Boat Dock Hotel in Marathon
Last year we stayed at the Tranquility Resort, and it was too pricey but prime time. go

Florida Keys Marine Life Up-close
Be advised, the show is entertaining and all about the Florida Keys. go

Popular Books About the Florida Keys
Anyone heading down for a week in the Keys needs to download a good book to get in the mode. go

Eating with a View
You will love all the great restaurants in Marathon Key. go

Deals Everyday of the Week
Do shop when the weather is bad. go

Good Times on our Reef Boat
Really it is all like magic and way better than a rollercoaster ride. go

Eating is all about Yellowtail

That's great about the big schools of Yellowtail Snapper Florida Travel Commander. I'm glad it is going well for you and selling the fresh catch. We love the seafood, I'm glad you got your appointment moved up too, as the captain certification is a big deal. That is great and be ready to eat a lot of fish.

Lonny W.

Fishing Life

Having a property Around the Water takes a lot of work. I love the Florida Keys fishing life and home fun. Helper Florida Travel Commander was in action today, but it was Captain Jim of the Miss Islamorada that was the star! They got insulation from Home Depot and mega of it, thirty three bags! The blower is free to use, after spending about five hundred I believe. I volunteered to help as they are on my Bocce Ball team. It was a really tough job, but jim took the staring role and did all the attic work. It is tight up top at the property, so it was crawl space only. The worst part was the dust he put himself through. Marilyn and I stuffed the insulation in the machine and feed him up the tube and electrical. It took six hours on site time. He was the star, but you were smarter to pay for the job! I learned a lot. Trust me it was rough, but done. The Home Depot was great, but pay to have it done next time! See all at fishing talk bar night at Sparky's in Key Colony Beach.

Joaquin A.