We like to eat like the locals and that means fish

Our Pick for Florida Keys Treasures
If you want a special scene, just ask about getting it done. go

Beach Ready Wet Wearable Sandals
If you are dancing at happy hour, closed pumps in nude are the perfect accessory. go

Good Wine Bar
The Key West Bartenders are sure to make your unique experience nothing but authentic. go

Happy with the coconut key chain
We bring the boat and take advantage of the water. go

The Place to buy some Island Art
That is great! go

Overseas Highway Shopping Discounts
The value is excellent for such treasures. go

Relax with a Book
I want something based in the Keys, maybe the best is the series by Tom Corcoran. go

Home Store
Everybody has to do their part in be ready just in case one of those big storms comes down here like hurricane andrew. go


Merchandise Shopper

Stay on an Island loaded with Action
Such a fine stay, it was a big pleasure to book here for our five nights in September. go

Where did Mel Fisher eat
Expect cold beer, great french fries, and scenic views of Safe Harbor. go

Our Picks for Key West's Best Bars
Close to the Schooner Bar, and they really do a good job by starting the music off early (noon), a nice time at Schooner Wharf Key West Florida! go

Big Pine Key National Park
Florida Keys Refuge lands that are accessible to the public are open half hour before sunrise to half hour after sunset. go

Restaurant Kitchen with Homemade Jam
Yummy is the french toast with sliced strawberries. go

Getting fit using Scuba Diving
It is so beautiful to see habitats and underwater wildlife in the area. go

Vaca Cut Coffee Shop
They have moved up in the world by moving to the location on Key Colony Beach. go


Have your Camera Ready

Merchandise Shopper

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