We love the water, both the gulf and the atlantic ocean

Scuba Dive Tavernier
The most famous is the Spiegel Grove, since it is the Florida Keys' largest ship that was sunk to act as an artificial reef. go

Please simplify the Florida Fishing Regulations
We gave up, no fishing. go

Making the Most of Key West Vacations Means Boating
Expect a totally family friendly adventure on a giant ocean ship. go

Diving is so fun in the Keys
Most places you cannot use a spear gun. go

We are big fans of the Reef Trips
You always have better viewing when the sun is bright and winds are calmer, so we pick our dive trips around the daily forecast and use http://www.windfinder.com/. go

Upper Florida Keys Kayak Launch
You need to carve out one to two hours and it makes your Florida Keys trip start in true style. go

Stand Up Paddleboarding
You have to go over and around some branches, making it a bit tricky for beginners. go

Scuba Diving Trip
Once you get out to the reefs things change quite a bit when it's windy or a little bit rough out. go


Boating Necessities

Quality Food at Reasonable Prices
And take advantage of the lunch special I think the fact that the hotel and put it in the refrigerator so we can eat it for late-night back. go

My favorite Lime Juice Shop
I bought my juice bottle here at the store. go

Hotel Tiki features the Crab Cake Sandwich
It is oh so close and winner of a hotel for sure. go

Locations for Florida Keys Kayaking
Everyone that likes watersports (eco-tourists, scuba divers and snorkelers) will adore this nature treasure. go

Walk to Bars and Marinas
The key here is you get to match your budget to the room style. go

City Center Marina and Store
The big boats are the ones that go way out for the sailfish. go

Trips to Key West
Imagine spending time in paradise, with warm sunshine and light breezes, wonderful accommodations, and a myriad of things to do. go

Doing the Water Stuff

we all like Doing the Water Stuff, and that means protecting the reefs. I saw the big tv show on channel ninteen about the Reef Relief program. I thought that show was excellent and really highlighted that more of us local residents in the Florida Keys do need to get involved. A lot of the classroom activities these days for kids at the schools talks about the reefs. The education that the kids get down here is a little bit different than the rest of the United States. We need clean water and we need the help the reef system because that is part of the tourism dollar, and that means jobs for locals. We always need to be able to fish, observe, and go scuba diving around the reefs. Please everyone reading this is good to do and better to actually write a small check and send it in to them. They have received countless awards for a job well done and we need to thank them with some extra funds.

Cyril A.

Ideas to Save on Boating

If you want to save, cancel your florida keys boat insurance! Your Monroe County boat insurance payment reminder has arrived. The next payment on your auto and boat policy is scheduled for September. On that date, we will charge $301 to your visa card ending in 8023. Don't forget, any changes you make to your Florida Keys policy, such as adding a vehicle, removing a driver, or crashing your scooter may impact the amount of your automatic payment. Thank you for using Florida Keys geico's recurring card payment option. Sincerely to all from your geico service team.

Edmund R.