We love this zone and all the critters to see

Watersports Pit Stops heading for Key West
We like to stop here and make this our break from the drive down to Key West. go

Seaport Boat Dock Parking
There is a separate area for the dingy boats and the larger boats. go

Family Focused Snorkel and Scuba Vacations
We did three trips to the reefs and drank a lot of margaritas during the sunset celebrations. go

Boat Bridge Cut in Islamorada
We spent a week at the Hampton Inn at MM84 and hit most of the bridges to the south. go

Those long sleeve shirts are perfect to keep your back from becoming crispy bacon in the Florida Keys Sun. go

Boater Friendly Marathon Scuba Dive Hotel
They have everything and will help you with trip planning and gear if you need some. go

Hit the Reefs in Key Largo
The water clarity is typically darn good, as compared to the rest of Florida. go

Boating in Key West
Many insurance companies also give discounts for having taken the boater safety education course. go


Wet Splash Day Trips

Eating on the Waterfront
Kind of like the perfect Keys bar with the views and all boater friendly. go

Key Largo Hotels with Fantastic Views
Very much enjoyed our six nights, with loads of fun stuff nearby. go

Interesting Things just happen on the Island
All concerts begin at 7pm or after the bands get their beer buzz. go

Seafood and Drinks at the Blue Fish
A whole group of us were down for vacation from South Florida (Naples area) and we like to party, dine out, and see all of the sightseeing attractions. go

Tenant Rental
This is the original Key West Happy Hotel, where they made the tradition so famous. go

The perfect Key West Romantic Restaurant
Even for lunch it is busy out and you can much more easily get a better table early in the day. go

Caribbean Grill and Brewery
We like to stop in here for a few warm up drinks, just prior to the sunset celebration (2 minutes walk or three blocks away). go


Deep Sea Fishing Opportunities

Wet Splash Day Trips

Fishing is flat out expensive, so people need to know that. You can fish off the Shoreline to save some cash, and the party boats are the next cheapest way to go. It is fun to do, but with fuel prices, insurance, and all the fishing regulations, the captains have a rough time. Despite the money, the area offers a large variety of deep sea fishing opportunities. The deeper you go, the more it costs. However, that is where the big sailfish and marlin are. Yes, find them out in deep blue of the Gulfstream. The party boats do not get much of the big game fish or the mahi, as they tend to go around the reefs and target Grunts, snapper, and anything else that is a keeper. You will catch some sharks on these trips, and those are released as quickly as possible. So pick your budget and check the fishing calendar carefully to ensure your target is biting.

Liz E.