We need to get a good fishing weekend for the redfish

Extra Special Fishing Spots
Cruise right out a little back gate off the third golf whole and it is a block to the wide bicycle pathway. go

We fish to catch and eat
Catch your fish out on the water and then enjoy the most healthy food you can find. go

Learn about Fishing
Fish the drop-offs, bottom changes, and where the water color is mixed. go

Fishing Poles Get Plenty of Use
While fishing amid the reefs and shipwrecks of the Upper Keys can be very rewarding, I especially enjoy fishing in the backcountry channels. go

Beach Goods and More
Here you get great views, good prices for seafood, frozen cocktails, shopping, and fishing off the dock. go

High Seas Trips for the Big One
Seeing the fish getting displayed after the boat docks is pretty darn cool to do. go

Florida Keys Kayak Boatramp Bar
The restaurant has nice waterfront views and you can watch the charters come in late in the day. go

All you need for Dinner is a Fishing Pole
Bringing an exhausted fish out of the water is like placing a plastic bag over the head a marathon runner. go


Reeling up the Fish

Super Florida Keys Vacation Packages
This resort just transformed us to the true Florida Keys Island Life, wow what fun we had. go

Places to get Interesting Experiences
We like to start outside and spent about 30 minutes checking how to tropical gardens, everything is so pretty outside. go

My spot for Yummy Gelato
It is deserving of the Best Overall Food Winner Award! go

Make-Your-Own Sandwich Shop
The subs here are better than the Publix next door. go

Quality Gift Search
It sure is nice to go in a place that has gifts in almost every category that I'm looking for. go

Cold Beer and Giant Soft Pretzels
The staff is great, and you can feel free to ask questions about the food or anything else going on in the community. go

Famous Foods in Old Town Key West
Then, we still have the whole weekend at home to enjoy. go

Fighting the Big Ones

Fishing is a great way of life and you need to watch your health to do it until retirement. Captain john passed another health test, so more happy days fishing ahead! Next I am getting a colonoscopy, and started the process by getting a referral from my new Lower Keys doctor. This will happen in the next month or two, and is just a routine procedure, although invasive to the body. Everyone that is a fishing captain is on a health campaign do to the big Florida Keys health and fishing festival. This was a fun time and we learned a lot. Healthy times to all fisherman and the lady catchers too!

Matthew S.

Fantasy Fishing

Fantasy Fest is going to be super for the party and the daytime fishing. Spider cupcakes just has the perfect ring to it. I hope you enjoy the festive candy gift and grab season. Give some gifts and grab plenty for non-corporate misfit Florida Travel Commander! The place for all the seasonal goodies around the area here is Old Time Pottery. We can still go and see what they have.

Allen K.