We plan our day around watersports fun

It is a Great Adventure Out and In
The coral reefs are superb here. go

Learning to Paddleboard in the Florida Keys
That is How to get started on a Paddle Board. go

We had the greatest time on the trip
When you get swells 1 to 3 feet, everyone gets beaten up. go

Boating in Key West
It is very rough on the boat, tides can change quickly and without a motor working you float away! go

Taking Advantage of the Water
On a reef boat trip most people do not notice that the captain will raise a dive flag as required by law. go

Popular Destination for Boaters
Seafood tastes and strong pour cocktails is what's behind the large scale appeal. go

Upper Mile Marker Dive Center
It is fun to enjoy a glass bottom tour over the beautiful shallow reefs. go

Live Shrimp for Sale
Also, stop here for information on Marathon Fishing Charters. go


Watercraft Playzone

Topless Beach
The farther down you go the more likely the ladies will be topless or bottomless too. go

Trolley Train Stop
Inside, you will see a lot of historic photography of the City of Key West. go

Mile Marker One Oceanfront
Tennis is nearby at Astro Public Park. go

Full Kitchen to make Key Lime Pies
You will not believe all of the various watersports play time options at Pelican Cove. go

Discover the Key West Summer Hemingway Party Season
The water temperatures are perfect in the ocean and swimming pools in July. go

How about entering something neat like the Conch Shell Blowing Contest? go

Southernmost Chinese
What a fabulous place to eat, and it is dine in or take out. go


Adventures in the Water

Watercraft Playzone

I knew we picked a good boat captain when I was told the name of the boat is Afternoon Delight. You need no formal training to fish here, the captain can teach you as it goes. Do it right on your family Florida Keys Vacation and have a real shark-blast out on the water. On her second day it was time to try something even more adventuresome like Lobster Catching. It's not for everybody, and you have to be prepared. Get details and information on catching the famous Key West lobster. Very fun, tasty, and not so easy to catch! You can do a little bit Underwater and it's also good to try something like the Caribbean Spirit. Wild adventures in the water are the highlight of the day on the Caribbean Spirit boat, based out of the seaport in Key West. The group trips are way more fun than the boats that just take four or six. If you have kids you're going to want to go out and let them do the Banana Boat Rides. Thrill seekers that are looking for some spunk here in the Florida Keys will love a Banana Boat Rides. They are just too much fun!

Deshawn F.