We prefer to take puppy-dog with us

Florida Keys Fishing Supplies
Evenings are fun to boat up for dinner. go

Little bit of Something Sweet
Get a discount price on ice cream in the little tourist magazines around town and at the trolley stops. go

Top Bikini Wearing Vacations in Florida
Impressive is this island, equal to the fun of Key West and so much faster to get to from Miami. go

The best spot for festivals in Key West
Key West has an unprecedented growth in the number of festivals that they have throughout the year and this is the prime spot. go

Bakery Cafe and Ice Cream Shop
Walking and bicycle riding all day long does allow for a lot more calorie consumption flexibility on vacation. go

Buy Alcohol
What could be better than the southernmost liquor store! go

When it's a pretty day we like to be on the water taking advantage of the kayak or walking along the waterfront in six inches of water or so. go

Visiting the Keys with Pets
Thanks for the special treatment. go


Surprises We Loved

Best Daytime Activity in Key West
The wind is nice, which is like a sure pick to lower the temperature of the day, with a beer chug, next time even lower. go

Buying the Fresh Caught Seafood
By the pound mahi-mahi, shrimp and mutton snapper. go

Treasures you pick Out
How neat is this, custom signs made one at a time. go

Old Home Mansions
Each location has a marker clearly seen out front with details to read for a quick summary. go

All was so Fantastic and Entertaining
Having the overseas bicycle trail just in front of the hotel is a big plus. go

Art and History in the Custom House
We love to attend all of the famous attractions, with the free daily sunset celebrations topping it all off! go

Where to Buy a Fishing Pole
There are many miles of the older bridge structures that were converted for family fishing with cement safety margin from cars. go

Things to do this Spring

Perfect the art of island hopping, as the events during the Spring Season are just so impressive. We got so lucky and got to see Brew on the Bay, Bay Jam Music Festival, the Founders Park Island Fest, and the Morada Way Third Thursday Art Walk. What fun, and then down at Mile Marker Zero was the Taste of Key West. As you might guess, music is what we like best and that is all part of the island hopping. That is a way of life in the Florida Keys. Only here do you get literally hundreds of islands dotting the sun splashed coastline, all being tiny jewels. Seafood is the life and a great grilled dinner is the way to wind down the day. There is plenty of Dog Friendly places to go too. See you soon.

Jarrett Q.

Natural Landscaping Island Life

I wanted to comment to all of the Florida Keys residents on the issues with sprinklers. The lawn or shrubs will not stay alive with out it. For most of us, it is time to get a bit of help on the sprinklers. Having a decent lawn is a dream that can come true again or at least just a decent lawn. The process to get the sprinklers working well was an educational process. For the diy types, I think anyone could put a sprinkler system in your lawn. We could start with just getting it working on the side, then running the system to the main front lawn and then back. Doing pieces at a time is good. Do it your self works so you might have a free sprinkler system installed!

Katelyn H.

To all Locals

I did the upgrade, and just wanted to post to all locals that comcast is doing a good job. You make the order and get the following message all done via my smart phone. Thank you for placing the order to upgrade your xfinity modem. This is from comcast. According to our records, you recently received a letter from comcast offering to replace your current modem. We have been watching you. As indicated in the letter, by logging on to this site we are processing your request to upgrade your modem with a wireless gateway. Good job on your part. If you are eligible, your easy to use self-install kit will be automatically shipped in approximately one week or less. If there are changes or updates to the order, we will notify you via your Florida Keys email. Xfinity is committed to providing you the best in-home experience. If you have any questions call us or contact us at chat support at comcastsupport.com. What a good job.

Renaldo G.