Welcome to paris in Orlando the perfect date for couples

Sports Games
Every time we come on our trips to Orlando there's always something to surprise us. go

Nascar Fans
This Disney Orlando Attraction features fancy cars, like Audi, Ferrari, and Porsche. go

Italian Meatballs Meal
Very engaging, we tried this one for dinner and go served quickly. go

Beer and Barbecue Cafe
The Epcot bbq recipe is very sweet, I loved it. go

Get your Face Painted
If you get that done first thing in the morning your child gets to wear it throughout the Disney day. go

More Cool Places in Orlando to Visit
This one is a bit unusual as you take a Disney train ride out to the area. go

German Area
I love the Biergarten. go

Going to the Water Park
Just captivating with wet fun stuff is Typhoon Lagoon, a plush and intimate world of plunge pools and zany water rides. go


We Love the Rides

Eating at the Hotel
Safety is a big deal here and the staff action shows. go

Magnolia Golf Course Resort
With so many Orlando hotels, it is so easy to bypass some of the more unique places to stay in the area. go

Swimming Pool
If you want to stay cool at the Theme Parks and all around the resort you need to be able to jump in the pool or take those splash showers at the Theme Parks whenever you need to cool off. go

Swan Resort Restaurant
The Garden Cafe is the place for steamed broccoli, grilled chicken or a big healthy salad. go

Swan Resort Swimming Pool
If you're coming in July, September, August, or September then your swimming pool situation will be just fine. go

Walking the Grounds
Buildings around the resort are spaced out well, allowing for lots of nature and lakes. go

Rooms with a View at Disney
Believe me, most of the good resorts are planned out for that special view, fireworks, and sunsets too! go

Extra Happy with Everything

Perfect for working on the computer is the four star disney style movie: the red pony. Henry fonda in a classic, a pure good for the heart with excitement movie. This is the move shown at the all star resort Swimming Pool. The western channel has lots of good stuff for entertainment while working! That is a perfect new Disney network. Entertainment while working TV! I will be dog gone! Next up is glenn ford! Hotter than a jug full of red ants, ie fetus hagen of gunsmoke.

Brenda I.

Impressive Things to Do

Impressive are all the cool things to do. We love the rides into space and the stars. Mission Space is a good pick, one of the rides to the stars. Be prepared for mega walking at Epcot Orlando. Take a break with a nice lunch in the Paris France Showcase. We are fans of the long cool rides like test track. All of the fitness walking is just fantastic.

Muriel W.