What a fancy time we had here at the penthouse room, this was an amazing place to stay and play

Top of the Keys at Mile Marker 99
We stayed at the Bayside Inn on our trip to Key Largo and it was really nice. go

City Center Beach Resort
You'd swear you were somewhere on a tropical island rather than at a beach resort just minutes from almost anywhere in the city center. go

One of the better hotel options
I had no idea that the B&Bs could be more like a huge resort. go

Good Hotel Decision
There are so many points of interest in the city center that you really don't need to get in your automobile. go

Vacations are best when Beachfront
I think last-minute reservations are the way to go for any of us that live in South Florida or even over in Naples or Cape Coral, because you can check the weather on the five day forecast and then make decisions on Wednesday or Thursday. go

Vacation Rentals in Marathon Florida Key
Being around the ocean makes for a super time on vacation. go

Key West Getaway
The tropical island offers lots of fun, plus you can stay in all sorts of conch style hotels. go

Little Island Getaway to Huge Marathon
The hotel has everything you need for an enjoyable stay. go


Where to Stay

Middle Keys Restauratns
This is one of the good picks for a pit stop lunch down the Overseas Highway. go

Enjoying the Outdoors
Those picnic tables are always full. go

People Watching Restaurant on Duval Street
Both of the floors are elevated and have nice locations of the action. go

Stand up Paddle Board
Kayaking in Key West Florida is one of the best water activities. go

Makes a sweet Shrimp and Scallop Stir Fry
Walk up to the bar area and you see all the sauces, or asked the server to bring your point to different flavors. go

Fresh Catch Fishing for Seafood
I sure hope this helps inspire some beginning Florida anglers! go

Beginners Guide to Florida Keys Scuba
PADI Scuba Diver Certification could not have been so fun and easy, just do a bit of homework up front. go

Bliss on the Bicycle Pathways

We are going to fire up the island. Please disregard the goofy rules: The following rules of etiquette are offered as a reminder. When a biker overtakes a walker on a path used by both, it is imperative that he warn the walker that he is passing. That is crazy. He can ring a bell, use a horn, or say, biker passing on left (or right). Please add to the noise pollution. The walker, thus alerted, can move safely out of the biker's path and possibly prevent a serious accident. We do not need the government to tell me how to be on the sidewalk. Get real Key Colony Beach. Just let people bike around and be smart. If a person screws up, then they get fined and sued in civil court. What is next, fine them for walking too fast.

Lucien M.

Fun Places for Vacation Rooms

Thanks to all for the great work on the hotel grounds this weekend. You do not have to mail the backup entrance key to me. I am fine without it. I have a key to the front door of that unit, so I can always get in. It is great that you have a key to the side door even though guest lock it from inside and do not get a key. That is helpful for me just to give the front door key only. No need to make a copy though. I need to look for the lost keys more first in the grass or scrubs. I know they are here somewhere. I just have to find them. It was worth it to have such a grand hotel event party. What a success and more reasons for people to vacation and stay here.

Rafael C.