When you have a little down time, it is really nice having a condo style home to relaxing in

Super Hotel
The restaurants at the hotel have sumptuous food and tropical beverages, it is a treat to eat. go

Passing the Test for Hotel Fun
I enjoy all of the places on the way. go

Stay at the Best Resort in Key West
Call ahead if you want to dock your boat. go

Try the beautiful oceanfront Reach Resort
QUESTION: We are looking for a family resort and need help for Key West. go

One of the Best Weeks of our lives
The main thing to figure out is what is the right size unit for the number of people in the group. go

Hotel on the Bicycle Trail
I highly recommend staying at the Sheraton Beachside, and great alternatives include the Merlin Guesthouse, Ocean Key, Beachside Marriott Hotel, Sunset Pier House, and Casa Marina. go

Bayside Winner in the Middle Florida Keys
The place is lovely and it has a fantastic view out the rear over the water and these little tiny islands just off the coast. go

Prime time Bed and Breakfast
Plan on big fun, and it is not inexpensive relative to the value. go


Helpful Travel Advice

Finding the Deals on the Island
There are tons of public parks, beach areas, shopping districts, and kid focused adventures. go

Exploring Key West Florida Attractions
The tour was excellent and is enhanced if you do a little homework before you buy your ticket. go

Alcohol is the way to Island Sightseeing
What an interesting way to see all of the neat things pointed out, learning and laughing along the way. go

Train Ride
The back row is not good, but you can look backwards. go

Bud and Mary's Marina
It is the perfect time to vacation, with the weather and event list. go

Key Deer Boulevard Viewing Park
Big Pine Key has extensive growths of Florida slash pine, silver palms, thatch palm, and poisonwood. go

Coolest Bars and Restaurants at Mile Marker 0
It's the perfect place for international visitors to feel comfortable. go


Keeping Hotel Expenses Down

Helpful Travel Advice

It is a bit frustrating when the rental guests lose their keys in the thick grass and scrubs on the property. If you do not stubble on your keys, I will do the rake finding technique on my next trip. Count on getting those keys back soon! It does not take long to find something like guest room keys with a really wide rake!

Deidre N.