We know the top swimming beaches in Florida

Heading to the Beach
A bit further south is Coconuts on the Beach, by minutemen causeway. go

Bodyboarding and Surfing is fun for beginners too
Excellent beach area and we would recommend coming here in the early evenings once the drinking starts. go

Learning to Surf
The body board is probably the easiest thing for anybody that doesn't need any talent just some energy to push off and try to get the wave in the right spot so you can ride it all away into the shoreline. go

Heading to the Beach
A typical day on a beach vacation to Cocoa Beach is so relaxing with the big focus on water sports. go

Melbourne Beach
There's a back road that takes you all away down towards fifth avenue called river road. go

Florida has excellent waves for surfing
Planning for the big waves is important. go

Cruise Port Beach
Close to everybody, as it is Bicycle Riding distance from Cocoa Beach city center. go

Life Guards
Maybe it is the boogie boards, it so fun. go


Enjoying the Waves

Everybody needs to learn how to surf at Cocoa Beach
The surfing lessons that they offer here at Ron Jon's is really good and entertaining. go

Riverfront Restaurant
They make really good salads, I like the ones that have the blackened fish on top of the salad to really give it that extra tropical taste. go

Pizza Restaurants
During the week they have the closing time listed at nine pm, which makes sense and a small town atmosphere. go

Right Size Beachtown
They have some great beach shops not too far from the hotel if you need to pick up some things to play along the shoreline. go

Fishing Pole Anchor
We just used medium-size Fishing rods but there tall. go

Homemade Crab Cakes
You can get wine and a bunch of different kinds, I'm not expert on that but I know they sell it. go

Top Rated Hotel
It was excellent that we had a beach canopy tent so we could stay cool on the shoreline. go

Vacations near the Waves

We always pray for big waves. That's the best time to come visit this town, because it's so exciting watching the action Along the Shoreline. Even if you don't surf or own your own board, or plan on ever taking lessons, it is a blast to see and will freak you out when the waves are over four feet and steady. Sometimes you can get those six or seven foot waves, but a good solid forefoot way that a whole that shape for ten or fifteen seconds is just what a good surfer needs to show off. Girls and guys both like to surf and there's all the other Things to Do after the Beach Day like the food. I can cast my vote for some pretty good places starting with cap j's Ocean Deck for seafood - 211 east Cocoa Beach causeway - 321-783-1717. Try something different to cool off with new habit - ice cream yogurt and sandwiches - three north atlantic avenue - 321-784-6646. Top with locals is the three wishes restaurant - american - 2080 north atlantic avenue - 321-783-9222. Best pick for dinner with a lady is the pompano grill - seafood - 110 north brevard avenue - 321-784-9005.

Son N.

Vacation Trips

Going from Orlando to Vero Beach is not that bad of a drive at all. We did the drive from St Petersburg over to Vero Beach and Cocoa Beach consistently, plus we stay at All-Star Sports Resort a lot and Lake Buena Vista. I would recommend everybody to have their traffic application figured out on your smart phone so you can maximize your ability to get to your location as quickly as possible.

We took highway sixty on our way back to St Petersburg from Vero Beach and there was a flipped over truck that caught on fire just out before yeehaw junction. That forced us to reverse course and go all away back to interstate ninety five down to Fort Pierce and then we crossed the state using highway seventy. That was a rough go on the way home.

We had no problems at all coming from Orlando, and Vero Beach is lucky to get all the business overflow over to the Vero Beach Resort plus all the bars and shops In the Area. That's a good area for fun and it's family friendly. The cheapest places are probably when you're off the beach at the Springhill Suites marriott.com or one of the other resorts that is not so prime oceanfront.

Eugenia Y.