Who does not like really good fish recipes

Excellent Restaurant near Breezy Palms Resort
Get wine by the glass or bottle, plus margaritas, beer, and whatever your favorite cocktail of the day is calling your name. go

Downtown Seaport Seafood Restaurant
Every time we visited this restaurant it's been fantastic. go

Best Waterfront Bars in Marathon
ANSWER: One of the secret spots to enjoy some seafood, beer, and wine is called Cabana Breezes. go

Cholesterol free dining in the Florida Keys
This is a classic Key West style restaurant and is easy to find just after Mile Marker 96. go

Serving Pink Shrimp
I have to say how impressed we were with the alonzo berlin lobster restaurant Key West. go

Beach Snack Shack
Be sure to try the cuban mix sandwich for a really special treat. go

Menu best is the Ham, Egg and Cheese Panini
It was a true pleasure to pick from the various breakfast special they offer here and I just had to get the Conch and Eggs! go

Cheeseburger Beach Cafe
It is just too good. go


Cafe Picks

Use Publix for Beer and Groceries
Start your wish list for places to visit, and you will be able to walk to them all. go

Order a Keys Sunset Cocktail at the Bar
It is cool to learn about everything from the six toed cats to how to enjoy the best spots for you to take a photo while you're here in town. go

Quick Stop for Food
Island life is so nice since you can buy a beer and carry it with you walking around legally. go

Hotel Rooms With Lower Value Prices
This is a playful town, so we checked in and pulled our bikes right off the car rack to begin touring. go

Boater Friendly Marathon Scuba Dive Hotel
ANSWER: Surprisingly, the scuba shops are very competitive in the Keys and you get more professional help with your selection. go

Taking Advantage of the Key West Nightlife
You will end up buying a few drinks and this particular bar because you will be in no hurry. go

Campground on Stock Island
The key to camping in the Keys is the weather, you need to plan a week or so out to review the weekend 10 day forecast. go


Crock Pot Cuban Pork Loin

Cafe Picks

If you have cumin, bring it and you can take it back. Seems like cumin is a really popular spice when making crock pot cuban boneless pork loin. I might not use it, just want to taste it first. My research has paid off and here is the short cut to cumin spice. Cumin is defined as the aromatic seeds of a plant of the parsley family. It is used as a spice, especially ground and used in curry powder. I had no idea curry powder and cumin where some sort of a magic mix. I am also adding a good amount of ground pepper, red pepper flakes, pineapple Juice, etc. The pineapple slices will be used for other dishes and the fancy pizza night. I do love the Big Pine Key Winn-Dixie for the special-treat-meat recipes.

Dylan H.