You can get a tourist gift such as the famous Conch Republic Flags

Ideas for Sightseeing in Key West
A place I would recommend to all and it is fine for those with children. go

Downtown Art Center
This is a great place to go and shop for something uniquely primetime. go

We love to Shop
With so many great galleries, studios and art emporiums, the perfect something for your wall can be found. go

Buying the Fresh Caught Seafood
The top pick is the lobster roll, one of the best on the island. go

Our Pick for Florida Keys Treasures
We like to browse all the cool places to get wall art during the first few days, then go back and make our purchase on the last day. go

Anklets Handcrafted From Glass Beads
My other top pick for a Florida Keys Gift are the Coral necklaces handcrafted from glass beads. go

Designing Florida Beach Towels
I really like the designs with the bright pink flamingos. go

How the Shopping Went
What a super place for really cheap sandals. go


Shopping for Souvenirs

Florida Keys All-Natural Ice-Cream
Take your pick from a dizzy list of sweet treats sure to have your mouth saying thanks! go

Prime time Bed and Breakfast
Get to so much good stuff and this city is very active. go

Campground on Stock Island
This is an RV campers dream. go

Nice and Friendly Service Staff
This is where we always get our fuel and beer when staying down at Old Town Key West. go

Go for a Really Entertaining Weekend
During our trip the best thing we did was the Party Boat Fishing Trip. go

Staying in the Best Shape
This is the best place on the island do weightlifting to lower rates of metabolic syndrome. go

Local Restaurant Recommendations on the Islands
We like to walk around the city center and go to the little funkie places that you just stumble into. go

Take Advantage of Trip Benefits

The usage of a Marriott Rewards credit card has worked out well. We now get to take advantage of trip benefits and Florida travel services to help protect the local travel trips. Cash in your visa rewards and go Shopping in the Florida Keys!

Dayna U.

Good for Shopping

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Reyna H.